How to Gmail Sign Out of all Devices Mobile

You can sign out of Gmail from multiple mobile devices simultaneously. If you find yourself using multiple mobile devices to work or for personal use, you’ll have to ensure that you sign out of those devices on your Gmail accounts when you are not using them. Signing out of all devices mobile on Gmail is simple and is not a process that consumes time. In can be done easily and faster than you think.

Gmail Sign Out of all Devices Mobile

Since Gmail is a product of Google, it is part of Google’s Single Sign-on System. What this implies is if you want to carry out gmail sign out of all devices using mobile, it is not possible to sign off only Gmail. Rather you would need to sign off from Google all together. On the other hand, if you have access to the devices, you can carry out the gmail sign out of all devices from mobile from each individually.

You can do this by clicking on the Google account icon (either a picture of the initial of your name) at the top right corner of the Gmail page. Thereafter, you can click on the Sign Out button to get signed out of Google, including all other Google applications.

Gmail Sign Out of all Devices Mobile

If you want to learn how to sign out gmail from all devices from mobile, here’s your guide:

  • Start by clicking open the Gmail in your web browser. you can make use of any web browser. Be it on your phone, tablet or computer to get access to this website. You will see a list of all the devices signed in with your Google account displayed.
  • Then find your way to the bottom of the first page of messages in your inbox.
  • Scroll to the bottom right and look for the “Last account activity” option. Click on the “Details” link.
  • On the new window displayed, click on the “Sign out of all other web sessions” option.

With this, you’ll be logged out of Gmail from all devices using mobile. Even though Google has not made provision for a single button which enables you sign out of multiple devices at the exact same time note this.

You can still quickly sign out of multiple locations manually on your settings. Gmail sign out of all devices from mobile will only take you few seconds. Thus it shouldn’t take much of your time to sign out in multiple locations.

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