GMS Travel Insurance – How to File a GMS Travel Insurance Claim

Traveling creates lasting memories but also carries inherent risks, depending on encounters. What if you fall ill abroad or need to cancel your long-awaited vacation? This is where travel insurance can save you from financial disaster.

GMS Travel Insurance How to File a GMS Travel Insurance Claim

When choosing a provider as a Canadian traveler, look no further than GMS. Let’s explore why GMS needs to be on your radar.

Understanding GMS Travel Insurance

Headquartered in Saskatchewan, GMS specializes in supplementary health and travel coverage for Canadians. They fill essential gaps left by provincial health plans so you don’t pay out-of-pocket for emergency medical costs.

The firm was established in 1960, GMS has over 60 years of experience in the niche insurance space. While founded to serve Saskatchewan residents originally, today they offer plans that cover travelers across Canada.

GMS is renowned for its comprehensive plan range, reputable service, and speedy claims reimbursement. Their policies also extend to visitors headed to Canada seeking health security.

Types of GMS Travel Insurance

GMS offers tailored plans based on your situation.

This includes:

Trip Cancellation Insurance

  • Covers non-refundable costs if you must cancel your trip due to illness, injury, death, etc.
  • Also, can cover cancellations due to reasons like job loss or terrorist event

Trip Interruption Insurance

  • Reimburses you for forfeited parts of a trip interrupted mid-travel
  • Covers unplanned medical treatment, travel delays/cancellations, military duty

Travel Medical Insurance

  • Helps pay for emergency medical treatment if you get sick or injured on your trip
  • Can supplement health insurance with higher limits

Travel Delay Insurance

  • Provides reimbursement for additional costs like accommodations if the trip is delayed
  • Typically activates after a 6+ hour delay for covered reasons

Baggage Insurance

  • Offers reimbursement if bags are damaged, lost, stolen, or delayed
  • Loss due to airline mishandling is typically covered

When choosing GMS Travel Insurance, customers pick add-on coverages relevant to their trip. Policies can bundle both financial protection and assistance services.

Understanding each coverage type is key to determining adequate protection for your travels. GMS agents help explain available options

Cost of GMS Travel Insurance GMS premiums vary based on

  • Age
  • Health history
  • Trip destination and duration
  • Sports and activities planned
  • Coverage options selected

To illustrate costs

  • A healthy 30-year-old visiting the USA for a week could pay $30.
  • A 60-year-old couple with pre-existing conditions going to Asia for 3 months might pay around $1500.

Get a quick quote online to check rates

Purchasing GMS Insurance GMS offers flexibility to buy online, over the phone at 1-800-667-3699, or via authorized insurance brokers.

Online Purchase:

  • Select your region then your preferred coverage
  • Get quote
  • Provide personal/trip details
  • Pay online

Documents required:

  • Passport
  • Provincial health card
  • Departure date
  • Return date
  • Destinations

Phone/Broker: Expect the same details as above.

How to File a GMS Claim with GMS Travel Insurance

If you need to file a claim on your GMS travel insurance policy, there is a specific process to follow in order to make sure your claim is reviewed promptly and accurately. By gathering the proper documentation and submitting forms on time, you increase your chances of having your travel insurance claim approved.

The first step is to gather all relevant documentation regarding your travel plans and any losses or additional expenses incurred. This includes documents that prove your travel dates and costs, any reports describing trip cancellations or interruptions, receipts for extra hotel nights, transportation costs, etc. If you are submitting a medical claim, also gather documentation from your treating physicians.

As soon as possible after incurring your losses, you should file a claim by either calling GMS’s 24/7 claims hotline or initiating the claims process through their online portal.

Provide your full policy number and key details regarding the nature and cause of the losses.

Next, a claims adjuster will provide the necessary claim forms to fill out. Thoroughly complete these forms and attach all supporting documentation. For medical claims, also submit physician-completed medical certificate forms. Make copies of these documents for your own records before sending to the adjuster. Keep track of all due dates provided by the adjuster.

After submitting your completed claim forms and documents, the claims team may request additional evidence, like medical records or other investigative documents that provide more detail into the circumstances and losses. Respond promptly to any supplemental requests from your adjuster.

Once the claim review is complete, GMS will send you a written notification approving or denying your travel insurance claim. If approved, carefully review the claim settlement details.

If your claim is denied, you can file a written appeal requesting further investigation and review of your case.

Why Choose GMS Travel Insurance?

With myriad insurance providers out there, why select GMS?

Reputation of Excellence

Over 60 years expertise serving Canadians

Specialize exclusively in travel/supplementary coverage

Positive reputation and client testimonials

Recommended Provider

Recognized as a trusted partner by the Snowbird Association

Fits Canadian Travelers’ Needs

Plans tailored specifically for citizens across Canada

Ideal for securing visitors headed to Canada

Quick Claims Processing

  • 94% approval rate
  • 10-15-day turnaround from receipt of paperwork

When purchasing travel insurance, make sure to compare plans in detail and read the fine print. GMS shines for comprehensive emergency medical coverage with a trusted Canadian provider.

Before your upcoming vacation, trip abroad, or journey down south this snowbird season, explore GMS insurance for complete peace of mind.

FAQs on GMS Travel Insurance

Have you got more questions on GMS insurance products?

Here are answers to some frequently asked queries:

Is GMS just for Saskatchewan residents or all Canadians?

While founded in Saskatchewan, today GMS offers coverage to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents regardless of home province.

What pre-existing conditions are excluded from coverage?

This depends on age, stability of condition, and plan selected. Some pre-existing conditions can be covered for an additional premium. Check with GM’s advisors.

Does the emergency medical plan cover high-risk adventure sports?

Basic plans exclude hazardous activities. Opt for the Adventure Sports Rider endorsement to have greater coverage for skiing, scuba diving, rock climbing, etc.

What’s the maximum trip duration I can get coverage for?

GMS offers plans up to 365 days long to accommodate extended travel, long-term snowbirds abroad, or international students completing 1-2-year programs.


Travel Safely with a Trusted Canadian Provider Wherever life may take you next – whether soaking up the sun down south this snowbird season or venturing abroad to expand your horizons – make sure to pack proper travel insurance coverage.

Rather than leave your trip vulnerable to cancellation costs or astronomical medical bills, equip yourself with comprehensive protection through GMS.

As a Canadian-owned company catering to citizens’ insurance needs for over 60 years, GMS offers the expertise, specialized plans, and reliability we seek in a provider.

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