Google Adwords Sign up | How to advertise on Google Adwords

Google Adwords Sign up is an act of creating or registering for a Google AdWords account. Do you own business or offer services? This is the best place to build up or promote your business, why not Register, go to the platform and post your adverts and then see how it works like magic . in this article, you will get to know how to sign up for an account and also how to set up your ads. But before I proceed I would like to give you light on what Google Adwords is all about.

Google Adwords Sign up
Google Adwords Sign up | How to advertise on Google Adwords

Whatis GoogleAds?

Google ads are short for Google Adwords, so if you see ads just know it’s the same with the focus keyword in this write-up. Thus, it is a service offered to help marketers, business owners especially starters to grow their businesses. If you want your product or services to go viral, then you have to adopt this online advertising system.

However, this service makes it easy for your business to be across the globe and it will enable you to reach a very good number of audience or potential customers that are searching for the product or service you offer. That is why it’s necessary that you bid on keywords to enable your ads to come up on the google search page.

Google Adwords Sign up

To sign up for this account, you won’t be needing much, what you need is to provide your email address, most preferably your Google account. The section under will put you through on how to register for an account.

How to Sign up for Google Ads account

  • Get your PC or mobile device
  • Launch the browser and then visit their site at
  • On the homepage, go straight to the page-top and hit the “start now” widget to access the account registration platform.
  • You will need to register using your email or google account

How to start advertising

  • After performing the above task, choose your advertising goal and click on the ‘next” widget.
  • Provide your business information, by filling out your business name and your business website.
  • Click on the “Next” link
  • On the new page, add your ad and tap on the Next button.
  • Type in your budget and review
  • Press on the “Next” box beneath to gain access to the billing page.
  • Finally, set up billing


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