Google Assistant App | What is Google Assistant App? | And How does it Work?

Google Assistant App. Google Assistant is a voice assistance device from Google just like Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri. But this one got you covered for your Android phone, tablet. It is your powerful artificially-intelligent companion. Google Assistant is ready to help when, and wherever you need it. In this article let’s see more and guide you on how to download Google Assistant App. Also, show you how this exclusive app works. Read on.

Google Assistant App

Google Assistant App

According to Wikipedia, Google Assistant is an artificially-intelligent virtual assistant developed by Google. It is primarily available on mobile and smart home devices”. Also, it comes with numerous features just to assist you in your daily routine. From managing your Schedule, get help with daily tasks, smart home devices, enjoy your entertainment and lots more. Get a reminder with your app. This app gets to remind you of the activities you have saved on it. Like ‘Remind me to drink water every morning’, “Add eggs and bread to my shopping list”, “Set alarm for 7 am”

Google Assistant App Features

  • It helps you stay in touch with hands-free calls, texts, and emails. It helps you make calls, send texts messages and emails to your contacts.
  • Play music and videos with your voice find music base on the genre, play your favorite songs, Playlist, podcasts and music videos. Also, it to find excellent tunes for activities like, studying, cooking, or exercises.
  • It gives weather reports, traffic reports. It finds answers about businesses, restaurants, and attractions, including Google Maps directions, business hours.
  • Search the Web and get quick answers. With this app to get quick real-time weather forecasts and updates, find how-to videos, check sports scores, search the Web, or get language translations when you’re vacation abroad.

How Does Google Assistant Work?

As earlier enumerated on the features above, Google Assistant help assist you to get your daily tasks to accomplish. Using a voice command set by you to the Google Assistant App. Users basically interact with the app with a natural voice. The app can gather information, search the Internet for you, schedule events and reminders and even alarms. Adjust Hardware set in the user’s Google account. However, it will identify objects and get visual information through the device camera and support purchasing products and sending of money, as well as identifying songs on Playlist.

How Do I Download Google Assistant

Google Assistant App can be downloaded from the Apple store, Google play store. Here are a few steps to download on the Google Play Store.

However, to download the app using any browser of your choice, get to the search bar. Type in Google play store. On the site type in “GoogleAssistant App”. On the new page, choose the app click on it, next on the app page, click on the “Install” button to get the app download and install it into your device.

Google Assistant Settings

To set up or turn on the Google Assistant on your devices, simply follow these steps;

  • Launch the app on your Android smartphone
  • Touch and hold the Home button
  • Next, say “OK Google” or “Hey Google”
  • And in the right button right-click
  • At the top right, click on your profile picture or initial “Settings”
  • Under “Assistant devices”, Choose your phone or tablet
  • Turn Google Assistant on or off.


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