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Google Business Account enables you to promote and grow your business or service on the Google platform. For individuals who want to improve their businesses on this platform, you need to set up an account to be able to achieve this goal. Nevertheless, you will learn how to set-up this account in this write-up.

Google My Business Account

Google Business Account

Setting up a Business account on Google platform gives you the privilege to optimize and make your business outstanding, giving it a chance to be chosen by customers. Customers use Google search and Maps to locate businesses or services nearby.

Before we go into setting up an account, let us quickly look at what Google business is. Google Business is simply a free tool that helps you manage your Google listing. It is the Google listing that shows when potential customers searches for businesses on Google using the search or maps tool.

Benefits of Google business account

  • It increases your search visibility.
  • It provides a nice and easy way of responding to customer reviews.
  • Your business the chance of attracting millions of customers.
  • The platform is free. It lets you create your listing for free.
  • Google gives your potential customers clue on where to locate your business physically.
  • You can display or provide amazing information about your business. The way you present your business info matters a lot when it comes to attracting customers.

Google business account setup

Account registration is one of the simplest sections on the platform, so follow the steps under, to register.

1: login to your account

  • To access your account go to your browser
  • It is easy to create this account simply follow the directions I will be providing beneath
  •  for
  • Move upward to the sign-in button and click on it.
  • Key in your login credentials.

2: Add your business name & location

  • Type in the name of your business, move down and tap on next.
  • On the fresh screen, if you want to add the location of where people can find you, tap on the “Yes” tab. Then move down to choose your country, provide your street address, city and ZIP code, then hit next.
  • Zoom the map for a clearer view and then, drag and drop the PIN to your location.
  • Click on the “Yes” option if you provide business or services outside your location, then tap on next.
  • Chooseplacesyou delivers to, by adding cities postal codes, etc. When you finish the above steps click the next tab.

3: include your business category and address

  • Go ahead and choose the category that matches
  • Click the next widget.
  • Select the way you want your customers to contact you. Press the next
  • Verify your account, you can do that using your mobile phone, email address, postcard, in bulk and instantly.


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