Google Dashboard |What is Google Dashboard? | How to create a Google Dashboard

Google Dashboard gives you access to control and view your personal information and data collected by Google. The dashboard gives every Internet user a short view of their activities or life on the Internet. It lets you see the content you search for, google plus and YouTube history. And also it shows you google play apps, the videos or shows you watched over the internet and many more. 

Google Dashboard

What is Google Dashboard?

Google Dashboard is a software created by Google to give you details of all your Internet activities. You can view your bookmarks, Apps, password, settings, history and lots more on the board.

How does it work?

When you connect your account to the dashboard, immediately you logged in, the dashboard service presents to you the summary of your previous activities on the Internet, including their links, should incase you want to visit any of them. Thus, the only data that the board displays are the details given when you are logged in, every other data and information are private except if there is a change in the settings. Users have the capacity to control and manage all data they receive from the board, that is to say, you can decide to leave or remove it.

How to Create a Google Dashboard

Create a dashboard with the following procedures

  • Get your device and open your browser app.
  • On the search field input
  • Go to your “view”
  • Click to open the “reports” field.
  • Select the “customization” button and then choose “dashboards”
  • From the list, select “New dashboard” tab
  • Choose the type of dashboard you want to create by selecting between “blank canvas (without widgets)  and “Starter dashboard (with widgets )
  • Describe your dashboard in a short sentence.
  • Finally, hit the “Create Dashboard” tab

How To access my Google Dashboard

If you want to get to the dashboard from Google, do the following

  • Proceed to Google Chrome browser, then sign in to your Google account
  • Tap on the “customize and control Google Chrome” tab
  • Click on the settings button
  • You will see the dashboard on the next page, navigate to click on it.

You will now have a full view of your internet life on the dashboard.

From here you can do whatsoever you want with the data you see there.  If you want to clear any information, Press on the “stop and clear” widget


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