Google Duo – Google Duo download |How To Setup and use Google Duo

Google Duo is simply a video chat mobile application introduced by google. It offers a high-quality video call service. Thus it’s reliable, easy and runs on Web, tablets, and Smartphones.

Google Duo

So to make a high-quality video call with your friends and loved ones, Proceed to get the Google Duo app on your device.

Google Duo Download

To start chatting with people you love and also get the highest video calling service, you have to get the duo Google app by downloading it on your app or play store. Or you can get the app over the Web.

How To Download The app

Go to your phone app store, play store or browser and search for “Google Duo” on your mobile phone you will see the app there, then tap to install it on your phone. You can now go-ahead to set up the app.

How do I set up Google Duo

Before you go over to this section, make sure you have the app installed on your mobile phone.

  • Launch the app on your phone
  • Concur to its terms and conditions
  • For Android 6.0 or above, you will keep accepting permissions one after the other. Permission to allow the app to take pictures & videos, record audio, access your contact, who to invite and finally permission to send and view text messages.
  • Input to correct phone number
  • You will get a text message to verify the phone number you entered. You are set to use the app.

How To Use Google Duo

I will be disclosing how to use Google Duo to make and receive calls in the sections below, so you have to read to the end to get the full detail.

How To make a call

  • Open the duo app on your device
  • Sign in if prompted
  • Click on “video call” tab
  • Type in the phone number or the person you want to call or get the number from your contact list. Make sure to include the country code in the number.
  • Wait for Duo to call your contact. Then make your video visible
  • After making calls, to end it, click on the “red phone” at the down part of the screen.

How To Receive a Call

When a call is coming in, and if your caller enabled knock knock, you will see what the person looks like. So to receive a call, do the following

  • You will see the call button at the bottom center of the screen, Swipe it up
  • To decline them call just Swipe down the call Burton.


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