Google Groups email | Google Groups email list | how To send email to Google Groups

Google Groups email allows users to have discussions in a place. Thus you can organize with discussion with favorite and folders and also decide to follow along using email.

google groups email

What is Google Groups

Google Groups is a platform that allows you to commune or discuss with individuals that have the same interest as you over the internet. Thus users can make a discussion on a particular topic in one place with email. With the editing tab, you can customize your posts using fonts, photos, and colors.

Moreover, this service is given by google. It came with the aim of creating a discussion group for people who have the same interest. The service was introduced in theyear2001.

Do I need a Gmail account to use Groups?

To use of theGoogle groups, all you need is to provide your email address.  If you want to join a group, just tap on the “join” button. if you’re using Gmail, you can also login using your Google account.

How do I Find My Google Groups?

  • Proceed to Signinbymoving to the Google Groups’ official website.
  • Tapon my groups tab on the homepage.
  • Proceed to choose the group you want to access.
  • Go to the screen top and click on the “manage group” widget.
  • Click on the information button to view more about the group.

Google Groups Email list

The email list is just like a mailing list. With this, any member or some members of the group can post to the group. So with the group, email address members can easily communicate with each other by doing the following, sharing content, sending an email and creating calendar events with others.

How To Create an email list

  • Login to Google Groups
  • Click on “my groups” widget by the left
  • Select a group
  • Press on “manage group” widget at the top
  • Click on “information” then advanced button.
  • If you want to choose a new group tap on next and then tap on the down arrow.
  • Select “email list” from the options this will enable members to discuss with each other using one email address.
  • Click on “Reset this group” widget
  • From the pop up menu choose “reset group”

How To send email to Google Groups

You don’t know how to email on Google Groups, do not worry the steps under will lead you through.

  • Progress to Google Groups website at
  • Select my group’s button with three human icon
  • Tap on the group you want to send message to
  • Click on the “about” button and then copy your group email address from the page.
  • Go to your Gmail account and open a new message field, then paste the email address there.
  • Type in the message you want and then click on the send button.


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