Google Groups | what is Google Groups | How do I Find My Google Groups?

Google Groups lets you take part in online platforms And email groups for community conversations. that is, discussing with a group of people on a particular topic.

Google Groups

What is Google Groups?

Google Groups is service offered by google that forms discussion group for individuals with the same interest. It was launched in February 2001.

How does it work?

It makes it easy for sets of people like classmates, project team members to collaborate and discuss on a particular topic of interest. Within the Google group, users can sendan email to every person in a group using the same email address, share documents or even invite them for an event.

Do I need a Gmail account to use Groups?

To make use of this groups, what you need is toprovide a valid email address.  If you want to sign up, Press on the “join” widget but if you’re using Gmail, you can also sign in with your Google account.

How To Create Groups

Take the following steps below to create Google Groups.

  • Navigate to
  • Click on “create group” tab at the left top
  • Now type in the group name and group email address
  • Key in the group description in the blank space
  • Select groups primary language
  • Proceed to choose the group type and set your group’s permissions
  • When you’re through with the above steps, tap on “create” widget
  • Click on the “am not a robot” box to confirm you’re a human being.
  • Tap on the “ok” button.

How do I Find My Google Groups

It’s not a difficult thing to find access to your group, with the few steps beneath, you can get to your group and even manage it. Simply follow this procedure appropriately.

Sign in –  Navigate to the Google Groups official website and sign in

Click my group’s tab – On the homepage, scroll to select “my groups” button

Select a group –  if you’re in many groups, you will see the list, just go ahead and choose the group you want to access.

Manage group –  to manage group, move to the page top and click on “manage group” tab. And then tap group info visibility.

How To Join Google Groups

Proceed to the home screen  and sign in

Scroll to the box at the page top and Key in the subject.

The group will open when you click on the name.

To join Proceed to the “join group” tab or apply to join. Depending on the  group mode of membership.


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