Google Merchant Center feed | How to create a Google merchant center feed

Google Merchant Center Feed is a file that contains a list of products which use groupings of attributes that explains each of your product in a unique format. There are two types of feed the primary and the supplemental feed. So in the merchant center, every one of your items or products will be added either to a primary or Supplementary feed and if you create a feed, it can be included in the programs you registered for.

Google Merchant Center Feed
Google Merchant Center feed | How to create a Google merchant center feed

Whatis a Primary feed?

A primary feed is simply an information source that the merchant center uses to showcase your products on the Google platform. How does it work?  If your product info in the primary feed meets the merchant center product data policies, then you just need to create and submit a primary feed but if it does not meet with the requirements you will need to adopt the supplemental feed.

You can use the primary feed to perform so many actions such as to add and remove product info/data, set feed rules for your product and service language and country targeting as well.

What is a supplemental feed?

Supplemental feeds is an additional data source that provides data missing in the primary data source. Thus, offers additional data to the existing product data in the primary feed. The supplemental depends on the primary function. Meaning that it cannot stand alone, instead, it is used to update already existing info. It cannot add or remove products as the primary does.

How To Create A Google merchant center feed

In the section below you will learn how to create both the primary and supplemental.

Create a primary feed

Do you want to create a primary feed?  The procedures are simple, kindly follow the steps under

  • Navigate to your merchant center
  • Click on the “feeds” tab beneath the product field.
  • Move to the primary feed field and tap on the “+” sign to create a primary feed
  • Enter the country you want your product to be sold
  • Select the language you want to be used for your product data
  • Choose a feed destination
  • Input your primary feed name
  • Choose the method you want from the options
  • Key in the file name, this name will depend on the method you selected earlier.
  • Click on the “Continue” button after providing the required info. Then you can now access your feed.

Create a supplemental feed

  • Proceed to the feeds tab in the Merchant center
  • Go to the top of the supplemental section and press on “Add a supplemental feed”
  • Key in the supplemental feed name
  • Select the method
  • Fill out the file name
  • Now, link it to the primary field by selecting the country, language combination the supplemental feed belongs to.
  • Setup a schedule fetch for your product data

How To upload a Google merchant center feed

To upload your feed manually is very simple. Just take the following steps

  • Move to your feed page
  • Scroll straight to the processing tab and click on the “three dots” icon
  • From the drop-down list, choose upload preference.


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