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Google Play Music App is one of the free apps on the Google platform. I know a lot of people may not know that this app exists. One of the essences of this article is to create awareness of the existence of this beautiful music app. However, Google Play Music App is designed by Google and it’s an online music streaming app. This app is compatible with iOS, Android devices, and Web browsers. Google Play Music has free access to 35 million songs catalog. You can listen to music offline, and get access to YouTube Red.

Google Play Music App

Google Play Music Free version features

  • Users get to discover and subscribe to podcasts
  • You can store up to 50,000 songs from your personal free music collection
  • Get smart recommendations based on the kind of music you want
  • You can listen to Google Play Music on your Android, iOS device and even on any Web.

Subscription-only features

This feature is activated for those that subscribe to the music app and there as follows.

  • Users get the family plan subscription. They are allowed to add up to six family members to also enjoy the music app. This only attracts a small fee.
  • On your demand, you can access over 35 million songs from the catalog
  • Instantly you get connected to YouTube music premium membership use this site for further details. Https://
  • With no connection to the internet, you can get a free download of music to your device
  • Enjoy ad-free unlimited listening to music.
  • The user gets to enjoy the app has it holds great features just for your pleasure. You can even play it on your desktop while working.

Download the Google Play Music App

To download the app will require you knowing if your phone device is fully compatible. Follow these steps to download your app

  • Get to Google Play store on your device
  • If you have not to use the play store before you will need to log in with your Google account details.
  • Next, get to the search bar and type in the app name
  • Make your choice from the search results. Click on the ‘Google Play Music App’ from the result lists.
  • Next, hit the “Install” button below.

How do I sign up for Google Play Music?

You can sign up for GooglePlay Music App on your Android device or at https:/// on any browser.


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