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Google slides Sign in Process can be achieved via Web or online. To kick off with creating your outstanding presentations using slides, then you must sign in to your account. learn how to sign in online, with mobile phone and computer device, in this write up.

Google Slides Sign in

About Google slides

Google slides is an office app that people use to create their business presentations. With google slides, you can create, edit or share presentations. It comes with a customization feature, which enables you to make a unique presentation with a customized template.

Google slides Sign in

You can access the Google slides platform using your Web browser or download the app for your mobile device.  Maybe you a new to the platform and you don’t know how to access your account, don’t need to worry because I will be providing different ways by which you can sign in to your account.

Google slides Sign in Online

For users who want to access the slide platform online, I will be showing off simple steps you need to take to get to the platform via Web. Read through the following directions

Open your mobile phone and head to your browser

Access the Google slides official page by searching for

On the abode-page, scroll to the right upper side of the page and hit the “sign-in” widget. You will need to provide your Google email address.

Go ahead and type in your email address and corresponding password, Finally click on the “Sign in” link.

How to access the platform on mobile

To log in to the slides platform, If you have not yet installed the slides app, move over to the play store or Apple App Store and download it. After getting the app, proceed with the directives under.

Get your mobile phone, go to the menu

Find the Google slides app and launch it.

Goto the “sign-in” section and fill in your email address and password. Note, the sign-in section might be at the down left side or at the middle of the screen, depending on your device.

Hit on the blue sign in box below and cruise your way into your account.

For computer

To get to the slides platform with your computer it’s very easy, I will be using Google Chrome browser for example. However, take the following procedures and you won’t find it difficult to sign in.

Launch the Chrome browser on your computer

Then sign in to your Google account

If you are logged in already, on your Chrome browser, move to the right top corner of the page and tap on the multiple dot icon, representing Google Apps.

From the app menu, find the slides, then click on It and you will be taken to the main screen showing your presentations.


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