Google Tasks | Google Tasks for desktop | where are my Google Tasks?

Google tasks allow users to create a to-do list on Desktop or within app. How does it work? When you include a task, you can join it into the Gmail calendar and also add details.

Google Tasks

What to do with google task

The following are what you can do with this service

You can add and also remove tasks, add details to it.

Set time and dates for tasks by synchronizing with google calendar.

Receive a notification, add emails and subtasks, Mark tasks as complete, have a different list for a different account, which means you can have more than one list.

Where are my Google Tasks?

Due to the new design launched, Gsuite users now find it easy to gain access to Google tasks. So to find the Google tasks, you can do that through app or desktop.

Google task for Desktop

When you go to your desktop, just know that tasks are already mixed into your Google interface. You can find it on the right-side panel from Gmail, google drive, calendar, sheets, Slides, and Docs. Then tap on the icon to launch your tasks list. If you’re using it for the first time, you will notice that the “My tasks” list has been formed already. You can proceed to rename it if you want.

To rename it, tap on the three dots icon representing menu, at the top right and select “rename list” link

Find task in-app

After installing the app from your app or iOS apps store. Go ahead and open the app, just like for desktop, first-time users have the same default list known as “My tasks” is already created. It’s now left for you to rename it if you want.

You can find the rename button in the Menu tab at the right downside of the screen. You have to know that the desktop and App versions are synchronized automatically.

How To view tasks on Google calendar

If you set date and time on your task and you want to schedule a task, do the following

Click on the option to include a task. If you have created a task already, tap on the edit tab.

Select “Add date/time” widget

Select the date and time for the task you want to set, by indicating it.

Tap on the “Ok” widget if you are accessing it through desktop while “done” button if you’re using the app.


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