Goojara – Download the Latest TV Series and Movies

Currently, there are tons of pirate sites to download movies from, and one amazing one to check out is Goojara. Goojara is great, the site is pretty simple, and it has everything you need to get your hands on some of the best and latest movies available.


The Site is not just known for offering movies for download, you can also get your hands on some amazing series too if you are a series lover. The best part of using the platform is that it has a very simple user interface, so trust me, if you download movies from Pirate sites, you would be spending some time on this site.

How Does Goojara Work

The way Goojara Works is quite simple, just as stated previously, the site is a pirate site for downloading movies for free. the site has a pretty simple interface and several tools to assist you in locating the movie you would like to watch.

First off, when you visit the site at the first thing you would see is an array of the latest movies available for you to download, and a search bar placed at the top, to make searching easier. The site also has a different category of Movies for you to choose from.

Also at the top of the site, if you want to download just movies or just series, you can do that by clicking on the Movies or Series icon at the top of the site.

How to Download Movies From Goojara

Downloading Movies from the site is not that complicated. The steps is quite easy judging by the fact that the site does not trouble you with tons of Ads and its interface is quite simple.

  • So, to download from Goojara, first, locate the site using this URL
  • Once you are on the site, you would be presented with some movie and series options, locate the one you want. You can use the search bar to make things easier for you
  • Once you have the movie, click on it and you would be taken to a new page
  • There you would find some links for the movie on the left hand of the screen, click on any one
  • There you would see the download icon, click on it and the site would show you the size of the movie
  • Click on the download icon once again, and follow any onscreen directions shown to you, and your download would commence.

The download process is quite easy to follow and understand, so you should not be faced with any issues when it comes to making use of the site for downloading your favorite movie.

How to Download Series From Goojara

The process for downloading a series is quite similar to downloading a movie, so just follow the steps stated below:

  • Open the site using the link above, and then locate the series you want using the search bar or the Series category.
  • Select the Episode you want to download and click on it
  • Click on any of the “Direct Links”
  • Each of the links carries different methods of downloading, so follow the on-screen direction to have your series downloaded.

You can also choose to stream the series if you want to. Their things to get from the site, but Movies and Series are what you stand a chance to enjoy as they are the main focus of Goojara.

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