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HD Surveillance Camera. Vivint Smart Home Outdoor Camera is one of the newest smart security cameras in vogue. As a matter of fact, it is a known fact that all security camera works the same pattern. It gives you visible reports on security or event happenings in your home, office, warehouse, shop, etc. Get more information as you continue reading Vivint Smart Home Outdoor Camera the HD Surveillance Camera.

HD Surveillance Camera

Vivint Smart Home Outdoor Camera

The Vivint Smart Home Outdoor Camera is not like every other conventional security cameras. It’s so unique it’s configured with your phone. With this security camera, you always get feedback at any point on your phone. It notifies you of any motion sensors any intruder on your property. Vivint Smart Home Outdoor Camera gives you a perfectly clear video, crystal clear imagery, and advanced analytics.

However, when compared to other security cameras which some cannot give a clear picture. Picking blurry images, license plates, or unnecessary notification on any items picked such as animals or shadows. Let’s discover more of this unique security camera.

Vivint Smart Home Outdoor Camera Features

Notification Based on your preference

With this device, you have the opportunity to make your own choice of how to receive your notification on your phone. Any format you need whether at the time anybody is seen on your property or in the case of a lurker is detected.

Getting real threats

With advanced analytics, Vivint Smart PRO camera picks and perfectly differentiate been the main threat and other objects like animals, random passerby, etc.

Identifying lurkers

Vivint Smart security camera knows who a Lurker is depending on capture on the line of vision of the camera. The Outdoor Camera Pro uses a Hybrid Wired WiFi connection with the flexibility of wireless. This provides a better, reliable connection that delivers smoother, faster video with less delay and buffering.

Alarm Alert

Immediately a Lurker picks on the vision of the camera, the camera does not start recording. The red Led light on the camera will activate along with a blaring warning tone through the 85 dB speaker. This is not what would-be burglar to experience. This feature helps a lot to prevent any firm of crimes on your property.

Getting specific Coverage

With the Vivint Smart Home app, you get to control and choose the specific areas you need coverage. Any area you choose is your choice areas such as the front of your garage, store, house or backyard patio. Just make a choice by defining specific surveillance zones to cover.

Capture with Night Vision on an expanded view

This camera gives you a good view even at night. However, the Outdoor Camera PRO has a wide range covering 140° field. Covering the entire property giving it a good capture. It’s high-Infrared enhances its night vision sensors to capture all the activities of the night and day. It gives you an intensive report when you watch the footage back making see the entire sequence of events.

In conclusion, The Vivint Smart Home Outdoor Camera pro works with clearest pictures. Using its 4k HDR Sensor you are sure of a pick capture even more f you zoom using your cell phone. Get one and activate it for free now.


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