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Hide Purchases in Family sharing {with easy steps}

Hide Purchases in Family sharing ? One of The feature of Apple devices is family sharing, which is a platform where content purchased by a member of the group can also be downloaded by every other member of the group. There are content such as R-rated movies you don’t want all family members to access due to their age. it’s applicable when children are part of the group. In this write up, you will learn how to hide and unhide both iTunes and app store purchases on iPhone, iPad touch that runs iOS 11 and 12,MacOS 10.13 & 10.14

hide purchases in family sharing

How To Hide App Store purchases in family sharing

Perform the following acts to hide items you bought in apps store from members of your group

  • Make sure you set up family sharing
  • On your iPhone, click to laugh “App Store” app
  • Move to the top right side of the screen and tap “your photo” tab.  For earlier versions of iOS, move downward and select “updates ” button
  • Press on the “purchased” widget
  • Navigate and click on “My purchases” tab
  • A new page opens, displaying the menu of apps you purchased from the apps store. For you not to share an app, simply swipe overthe app from rightto left until a “Hide” tab shows
  • Click on the “Hide” button to prevent other members from accessing it

How To Hide iTunes Store Purchases in family sharing

You can hide apps store purchases on iPhone but you can’t hide iTunes Store purchases on iPhone. Nevertheless you can hide your iTunes purchases with iTunes program on Windows/Mac computer.

  • Launch iTunes on your PC
  • Move to the top of the screen and select “store”
  • Click on “purchased” situated in the right corner
  • Login To Your account if prompted
  • Here comes the list of items you bought from the store, it can be audiobooks, movies, music and more
  • Click on the “item” you want to hide.
  • Move your cursor across the item until it displays “X” icon. Then Press the “X” icon

How To Apple Books purchases

Note: You can’t hide this item on iOS device. That is to say iOS device is not compatible with hiding Apple books purchases

  • Open Apple Books app on your computer
  • Move to the top and then tap on the “Store” button
  • Click on “Store Home” tab
  • Press on “Purchased” link
  • A list of books you bought will display on the screen
  • Find the book you want to hide and hover your cursor across it until the “X” icon shows. Then tap on “X” icon

How To Unhide purchases in family sharing

Have you changed your mind and you don’t want to hide purchases in family sharing, maybe you want to re-download the content again? , If so take the steps below

  • Open iTunes on your computer
  • Navigate to the top and select the “account” widget
  • Tap on “view my account” button
  • Sign in with your Apple ID
  • Move down to the iTunes in iCloud section and then tap on the “manage” tab at the right of the item
  • All hidden contents will display accordingly, such as Music, TV shows, Apps and Audiobooks, from the list choose the one you want to Unhide
  • All the content you hid on that category will show, Navigate and select “unhide ” button under the item you want to unhide.

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