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H&M Credit Card – H&M Credit Card Review

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Does H&M offer a credit card? This may be a possible question running through your mind as you shop at H&M. If this is the case, then you are about to get an answer to your question in this article.

H&M does not issue any credit card of their own to its customers. H&M only offers an H&M merchandise credit, which is like a gift card but serves a slightly different purpose.

H&M Credit Card

H&M Credit Card

H&M merchandise credit is much like a store credit card that is received when a standard refund cannot be issued. This implies that customers may not be issued a standard refund when they return merchandise without a receipt or beyond the 30-day return period.

Other Credit Card Options 

 Even though H&M does not offer a direct credit card, there are other card options customers can use to shop at H&M. Let’s highlight each of these payment options.

Discover it® Cash Back Credit Card

 With this card, customers can earn up to 5% cash back at rotating categories on up to $1,500 in purchases when they activate (you are advised to register each quarter to earn rewards). All cashback customers earn, gets matched at the end of their first year. New cardmembers, can also turn $150 into $300. The Discover it® Cash Back Credit card has no annual fee charge and a 0% Intro APR on purchases. (Once the Introductory interest rate is over, the ongoing APR applies.

Card Payment

 Cards with MasterCard or Visa symbol are accepted at H&M for purchases.


 PayPal is also accepted for purchases at H&M, all you need to do is choose PayPal as your preferred payment method at checkout.


 With an invoice as your preferred payment option, you can pay within 20 days. The invoice is sent to your e-mail address once the order is dispatched. Payment can be made through bank transfer to account no. 73769917 and sort code 20-00-00. You are to provide H&M with your customer number, as stated on the invoice, in the reference box when making your payment.

Pay Next Month

 You can make payment with Pay Next Month, via bank transfer to account no. provided and sort code 20-00-00. You are to provide H&M with your customer reference number, as stated on the invoice/statement. You can also make payment at any bank by presenting the payment slip attached to your invoice/statement.

Gift Card

 Gift card (H&M) physical gifts cards and e-gift cards can also be used as a mode of payment at the H&M store and at hm.com. Both types of gift cards can be used in addition to all payment method earlier stated.

How to Shop Using Other Credit Cards

 Since H&M does not currently offer any credit card to its customers, thus all purchases have to be made by using your personal credit/debit card.

 Customer Service

 For further questions on H&M Credit Card, you can contact H&M at https://www.hm.com/us/contact.

Customers can also contact the customer care unit by calling the number listed on the card’s website, to have questions on H&M Credit Card answered.

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