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Hotmail is a webmail service developed by Microsoft. It helps you to use web applications easily. so when you are searching for your emails, it will be easy for you to find. On this platform, emails are organized in folders based on the content, it lets manual filters keep your emails accordingly.


Features of Hotmail email

  • It has a quick web view that helps users find their emails easily, due to the proper arrangements of emails. Emails are arranged in a different folders so to enable you to find a particular email without stress.
  • You can use Hotmail in different languages including English.
  • Users can upload and import their CSV format.
  • It offers massive security service. The platform supports two-step verification, also known as “2 Factor Authentication” with the security service your account is secured.
  • It comes with a filter that helps to filter emails and place each of one in the appropriate folder. The filter also recognizes spam email as well.

Create Hotmail Account

To create a Hotmail account, it must interest you to know that, there’s no specific website for Hotmail you can only access the platform through

How to create a Hotmail – Hotmail email Account

On your Chrome or other browser  search for

Tap on the “sign-in” tab. Click on the “try premium” widget if you want to try a premium account.

The sign-in page will appear after you click on sign in.

Scroll to the tab which says “No account? Create one”, go ahead and press the “create one” link

Proceed to create your email and after creating your email, end it with by selecting it from the pop-up menu.

Select the next option.

The password field will open for you to create a password. After creating your password

Confirm the password you created

If you want to get noticed on Microsoft products and services, check the box below and click “next”

Input your name and select next.

Choose your country and date of birth

Tap on the “Next” link it will take you to the mail dashboard.

How to secure your account 

To prevent other people from accessing your Hotmail account is best you secure it, follow the tips beneath.

Try to set up your security question. Ensure you are the only one who knows answers to the question. It is best you use your secrets as your security question.

Link your account with your phone number.

You can also encrypt your messages for private purposes.

Provide an alternate email address, to enable you to get a  confirmation mail whenever you want to access your account through other means.


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