Hotmail Login – Login | About Hotmail | Hotmail password Reset

Hotmail Login. Go to your Hotmail account using your email and password, to view emails and perform other actions the platform permits. When you log in to your account you will be able to browse and find your emails in a twinkle of an eye. Access your mail from anywhere in the world, send and receive a formatted email as it separates or excludes spam messages from your mailbox.

Hotmail Login
Hotmail Login – Login | About Hotmail | Hotmail password Reset

About Hotmail

A Microsoft webmail service. It was established by Sabeer Bhatia and JackSmith,on the 14th July 1996. However, it was previously used with Four11’s “Rickmail” which later became “yahoo mail” in the year 1997 Hotmail was sold to Microsoft.

The email platform has grown so big that it has over 10  million subscribers. The platform offers a free version of Hotmail, it offers about 50 keyboard shortcut keys for web users, to make it easier to use. With the free account, users can also link skype to their account, to enable you to access your skype account with the same login credentials.

Hotmail – Login

We have a diverse way to which you can gain access to your Hotmail account, you can do that online by visiting or login via mobile phone. If you want to log in through Web, just know that there is nothing like, you can only access Hotmail through the platform. Hotmail is not a separate domain to view email. So if you don’t how to access your account, do the following.

Hotmail login steps

  • On your device browser Search for
  • Find the sign-in button at the page top.
  • Click on the sign-in tab.
  • On the Microsoft, login section type in your email address in the text box and click on the next key. It will give birth to the password page, where you need to provide your password.
  • If you want to keep your account logged in, go under the password section, and tap to check the box that says “keep me signed in”
  • Finally hit the sign-in link.

Access account via mobile phone

For Android devices simply download and install the Outlook app from the play store. After that, open the app and sign in with your credentials.

For iOS  go to your device settings, navigate to account. From there choose and enter your email and password. Note while providing your email, it must end with Lastly, click on save.

Hotmail password reset

If you are having issues with your password, maybe you can remember your password. You can reset it using the mobile number you provided during email creation. From the login screen, Proceed with the password recovery procedure until you finally reset it and was able to access your account.


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