How do I Fix Computer that won’t Turn On

Computer that won’t turn on issue is usually due to hardware or software conflicts but do not worry I’ll show you the troubleshooting procedures to engage anytime your system fail to boot appropriately.

computer that won't turn on

Check the Power supply when computer won’t turn on

If your system is no turning on at all, that is to say no light is blinking, the fans are not running and nothing shows on the screen. It might be a power problem .

  • Remove your computer from a power strip and Plug it directly to the wall
  • Ensure the power switch behind the power supply is turned on
  • Make sure your charger is properly plugged in to the correct port.

this tips above can probably fix the problem because failing Power supply can hinder your computer from booting

Check The Monitor

When you hit the power button and your system produces sound that sounds like it’s booting, but nothing still appears on the screen, it’s possible your monitor is displaying it

  • Verify if your monitor is plugged in, if so you can try to use the wall outlet
  • Check if the monitor is powered on and properly set
  • Ensure that the cable that connects it to the computer is not loose
  • You can trying connecting to another monitor to verify where the problem comes from

Re-seat hardware to fix your computer won’t boot issue

  • Open your PC to access hardware
  • Remove the side panels
  • Ensure the RAM, motherboard cables and the CPU are seated properly

Scan For viruses

There might be malware stopping your PC from booting.You can boot your PC with a live CD such as, Hiren’s boot CD

  • Download the ISO image
  • Reboot your system.
  • Click on F11 or F12  to Go to the boot list
  • Select your USB drive
  • Go to utilities and then select “Security folder” then run a virus scan

Boot into Safe Mode

If you want to Startup your system and you see a blue screen of death which is caused by improper application, driver problem and other hardware problems while booting. To solve the issue you need to boot to safe mode, For Windows 7 users you only need to click on the “F8” Key.  But for newer edition if you interrupt the boot process for up to three times,by Taping on the reset tab, it should take you to the repair page, then Locate and click on advanced widget, select “Startup settings” to reboot. Then tap on “boot into Safe mode” from the option.

Ensure hard drive is not corrupted

  • You can get another PC and create a Windows installation drive , then boot from it,
  • select language,
  • select “repair your computer” if you are given option to repair your system
  • Boot into troubleshoot
  • Select the “Advanced” widget
  • Tap on “Startup repair” tab and it will scan for problems in your drive


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