How Do I Get A Credit Card With No Credit History

How do I get a credit card with no credit history? This is one of the questions that come to mind of people who desire to get a credit card for the first time. People with no credit card often finds it difficult getting approval for a credit card. This is so because most credit card issuers required applicants to have some form of credit history, including a credit score, to approve a new credit card application.

How Do I Get A Credit Card With No Credit History

However, you would not have a credit score until you have at least one active account on your credit report for up to six months. Over the years, credit card issuers have noticed that people are having issues getting a credit card for the first time, and they’ve made credit cards specifically for people with no credit.

Following are various ways one can improve chances of Securing a credit card and getting credit history.

Get A Job

Getting a credit card, one must have enough income to repay your credit card balance, especially if you’re under the age of 21. The Income document you filled on your credit card application must be your own. The income of another person or family members is not accepted, except you have linked access to the money.

Income limits vary depending on the credit card, but you must make at least enough money to repay your credit card balance every month. The higher your income, the higher you chances of getting approved for credit card even though you don’t have a credit score.

Pre-qualify for a Credit Card

A prequalifying for a creditcard does not guarantee approval. There are other factors like, your income could cause you to be denial for a credit card. If you’re denied, a mailthat tells you specific reasons for denial. Credit card issuers like Capital One and Citi bank card both have o line pre-qualification applications.

A few other major credit card issuers also have online pre-qualification that enables you to see if there’s a credit card available for your credit profile. It is a soft credit check, that won’t harm your credit score or comes up in your credit report if someone else checks your report.

Get a Student Credit Card

Student Credit card are easy to get approval. If you’re a student, you can apply and get approved for a credit card. Students credit cards are designed for college students who do not have sufficient income or a credit history. To qualify you will have to shove an identification ID to proof that you’re enrolled in a qualified college or University. But you must choose carefully, some students credit cards have high interest rates and lots of fees.

Apply For a Store Credit Card

Retail Store Credit Card company are well known for approving credit card applications for people with no credit history. They cards are closed-loop cards that do not have a Visa or MasterCard brand. Such cards are not used outside that particular store, but it will give you a boost to start your credit card history. Note that, retail store credit cards have low credit limits and I interest rates. Keep your balance low and pay it off immediately to ensure that your interest is not accumulated.

Get a Secured Credit Card

Secured credit cards are easy to get cards for people who don’t get approval for a credit card. There’s nothing absolutely wrong with a Secured credit card as far as you pick o e that reports to the major credit bureau and do have few fees attached. The difference between a Secured credit card from other credit cards is that you can make a security deposit to get a credit limit. Some secured credit cards comes with plenty fees, but a few credit card keeps fees to minimum. The Capital One Secured MasterCard has a minimum security deposit of $49, $99, or $200 for a $200 credit limit.

A prepaid Card is an alternative to a credit card, but it’s only helpful if you don’t have a checking account and debt card. Prepaid cards don’t help one to build a credit history. They simply let you make credit card like transactions, like paying at the gas pump.


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