How Do I Restart My iPhone/ Restart All iPhone models?

Restart My iPhone? To restart iPhone means turning it Off and On. You think of restarting your iPhone when it freezes, in other words when your iPhone is not responsible to the buttons. Restarting it can bring solution the problem at hand. In this article you will learn how to restart different models of iPhone, just stay calm and read to the end.

Restart My iPhone

How To Restart iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone 8/iPhone XS

I will be showing how you can restart your iPhone Using the sleep and wake button to bring solution to the issues these Models encounters, it could be app crashing, network connection and more.

  • Move and hold the “sleep/wake” and the “volume” button down .The sleep/wake tab is located at the side of your phone.
  • As you hold on these buttons, wait until a pop up menu appears saying “slide to power off”
  • Move the slider from the left to the right corner to turn off the phone

How To Restart Other iPhone Models

  • Locate and hold on the sleep/wake button. The sleep/wake is found on the top of the phone for some model while for iPhone 6, 6S it’s found at the side of the phone
  • When the power off slider appears, release the “sleep/wake” tab
  • Slide the power off button to the right to shut it down
  • As soon as the device turns Off, Press on the “sleep/wake” button again to power it On.

How To Hard Reset iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone 8 and iPhone XS

This option is applicable when your phone is totally frozen to the extent the sleep and wake button Is not responsible. Follow the medium below to hard reset your iPhone

  • On the left side of your phone, tap and release the “volume up” tab
  • After you’ve done the first instruction, Press and also release the “volume down” button
  • Hold on the “sleep/wake” widget on the right side of the phone and release it when you slide to power off tab
  • You can now slide the button to reset your phone

How To Force Reset Other iPhone models

Force resetting your phone restarts and also refreshes your device without removing your data.  Take the following steps to reset

  • Hold on the “sleep and wake” tab and the “home” button together
  • Keep holding the buttons, even when the power off slider appears, until the screen turns black
  • After that, wait for Apple logo to display on the screen, when it appears you can now release the buttons

How Do I force Reset my iPhone 7

To hard reset iPhone 7 series is a bit different from other models.  All you need is to Press “volume down” tab and the “sleep and wake” button at same time to reset your iPhone 7

Other options to Reset your iPhone

Have you tried restarting or resetting your phone and it did not bring an end to the problem?  Try other methods suggested below

  • The recovery mode –  apply this method if your device is stuck in a reboot loop
  • Try DFU disk firmware update mode when you are trying to downgrade your iOS version or jailbreak your phone
  • Restore to Factory settings –this option is applicable when you want to erase all data from your iPhone.


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