How Do i Use Wi-Fi calling on Android

Wi-Fi calling on Android is a voice service on smartphones, that enables you to make and receive calls over a Wi-Fi network instead of using a phone plan.  Therefore you can place a call without using an app or software. So calls can be made directly from your phone dial pad. However, that you have a smart does not give you guarantee to use Wi-Fi calling rather your type of phone and carrier is what determines it.

Wi-Fi calling on Android

Outstanding Benefits Of Wi-Fi calling

  •  It allows you to make video calls without LTE connection
  • Calls to abroad are free, that is, Make international calls without extra payment
  • Your phone number can be used to make calls over Wi-Fi network
  • You can Wi-Fi calls using office or home Wi-Fi connect, and also Wi-Fi networks in cafes or airport

Disadvantages of Wi-Fi calling

  • It can work only on HD support devices. Because there are versions of Android phone that is not compatible with the service.
  • Calls to non US contacts are subjected to your long distance plan charges ie they are not totally free

How do I know if my android device is compatible with this service?

To find out if your device supports Wi-Fi calling is quite demanding, mostly when you are using an old device or when you are on Prepaid plan and wanting to move to a Wi-Fi supporting network connection. Therefore to check the compatibility, all you need is to do a Model check  on your phone. With some network carriers, you can check it online with your smartphone IMEI number.

How To Setup a Wi-Fi calling on my Android device

If your phone and it’s carrier supports Wi-Fi calling, all you need is to get it activated and to do this, simply follow the directives below

  • Navigate to your phone settings
  • Power on Wi-Fi, then connect to a Wi-Fi
  • Move to your phone setting menu
  • Select “more” options  Located beneath “wireless and networks”
  • Click on “Wi-Fi calling” on

How To Know When Wi-Fi calling is On

For you to verify if it’s actually turned On, you can perform any of the two commands.

  • When a Wi-Fi phone icon appears in the status bar
  • Try to swipe down the notification page, then you will see a statement that says “call will be made over Wi-Fi”

How To Set Wi-Fi calling Preferences

  • On your phone settings, Press on “more” option
  • Locate and tap on the “Wi-Fi calling” widget, this act is not for enabling or disabling it.
  • Select “connect preferences” tab
  • Select from the options as follows, Wi-Fi Preferred- when selected, any time a WIFI is available your phone will use it instead of the cellular network service. Cellular network preferred –   if you choose this option, your phone will only use WIFI network for calls when cellular network is not available. Never use cellular network –  when selected , your phone will use only the WIFI networks for calls.


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