How To Calibrate iPhone Screen, Home button,and Battery

Calibrate iPhone features is necessary because your phone might be less responsive as time goes on thereby affecting how apps are used . You will be learning how to re-calibrate your iPhone touch screen, motion sensor, battery and home button.

calibrate iPhone

How To Calibrate iPhone Touch screen/Screen brightness

 There’s no provision for calibrating the touch screen but you can try the fixes below

  • Try to hard reset your phone
  • Reset all Settings. On your phone settings , go to “general” tab, and then click on “Reset” button

To Calibrate the Screen Brightness

If your iPhone brightness sensor is not working the way it should be, follow the steps below to re-calibrate it

  • Open your phone settings
  • Move downward and select “Display & Brightness” tab
  • Disable “auto-brightness” by turning it to white
  • Slide the brightness slider until it’s the screen turns dark
  • After sliding, enable “auto-brightness” by turning it to green

How To Calibrate Motion Sensor and Compass

When your iPhone motion sensor or Compass is not working properly you can re-calibrate them by making sure that your location services are enabled.  To turn on your location service if it’s not on already, take directives below

  • Open your iPhone settings tab
  • Move down and then click on “privacy” widget
  • From the menu, toggle “location services” tab On
  • Scroll down and then Press on the “system services” widget
  • Toggle Compass to turn it on.
  • Enable “motion calibration & distance”

For earlier iPhone, after turning the location services on,  go back to the settings homepage and then scroll down, you will see the “Compass” widget

How To Calibrate iPhone Home button

For older iPhone models, that is models before iPhone 7. Can be less responsive most times. If you experience such the medium below is for you

  • Go to the home screen on your phone and open any app
  • Hold on the “on/off” button until power off slider appears, then hold the “home button” until the power off page disappears.

How To Calibrate an iPhone Battery

You can Calibrate your iPhone battery When it starts giving inaccurate battery percentage

  • You should discharge the phone by using it until the phone shuts down
  • Just live the phone overnight to ensure its battery is drained completely
  • When it runs down, you can plug in the phone to charge it until it’s 100%
  • Reboot Your phone and perform a soft reset.  Tap here to learn how to perform a soft reset on your iPhone
  • After performing the reset your phone battery should be accurate in giving it’s percentage


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