How To Cancel a Print Job in Few Seconds?

Cancel a Print Job is a task everyone who uses a printer should know. Not only that, users are meant to know how fix a Print Job that is stuck in the print queue. So there are different ways you can cancel print job, either through your printer or through the application dialog box.

Cancel a print Job

How To Cancel a Print Job Using a printer

  • Firstly, remove the paper tray, with this you can try to cancel it
  • Secondly, Click on the “cancel, reset or Stop” buttons attempt this process by Selecting on the buttons mentioned.
  • Finally, Switch Off your printer and wait for some seconds.

How To Cancel Print Job Via Application Dialog box

While you are printing,applications shows a dialog box, all you need is to Click on the “cancel” tab immediately without wasting time.

Clear Print Queue Using Windows Settings

  • Click on the “Windows” icon
  • Open windows settings by Selecting “gear” icon
  • Tap on “devices” widget
  • Navigate to the left corner of the window and then select “printers & scanner” tab
  • Scroll down to choose the printer you want stop the print job
  • Click on the “Open Queue” button
  • On the print queue page, all the print jobs from your printer appears, then tap on the “document”, and select “document” widget, then click on “cancel” button
  • Choose the “Yes” option

How To Cancel Via Printer icon in Taskbar

  • Scroll down and Click on the “up arrow” to display all Taskbar icons
  • Right click the “printer” icon and then select “open all active printers” tab
  • You can now follow the steps given above to cancel

Clear Print Queue Using From the Control panel

You can use the control panel to clear your print jobs ,this steps below is for you

  • Go to the Windows Taskbar, and move down to the left corner of the screen, then choose “search or cortana”
  • Type in “ control panel” in the search tool
  • Click on the “Devices and printers” widget
  • From here, you can view all printers, Navigate and choose the printer you want to cancel it’s print job
  • Click on the “see what’s printing” tab and then cancel the print job.

How Do I Fix Stuck Print Job

  • Progress to Task-bar and right click on the “printer” icon”
  • Click on the “open all active printers” widget
  • When the printer opens, then highlight the documents
  • Choose “document” tab to search for troubleshooting print option, wait for few seconds then restart.
  • If you want to stop printing on a stuck job for other print jobs to print,  select “pause” tab, when the job is completed, click on “resume” widget or you can select “printer” then tap on “pause printing button.


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