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How To Change The Display Language In Windows 10 /7

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The Display language in windows 10/7 can be changed to your preferred one. If you purchased a computer, you don’t need to worry about the language it displays, because windows allow or support changing of the default language

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How To Change Windows 10 display language

These are the basic steps to take in changing display language in your Windows 10

Step 1 : download and Install a language

  • Sign in to Windows 10 with an administrative account
  • Open the windows settings by holding on “Windows +I” Key
  • Move down and tap on “time & language” tab
  • Go to the left panel and choose“Region & language” widget
  • Click on (+) sign to add a language
  • Available languages will be displayed on the screen, Navigate to select your desired language to start downloading
  • You will see the newly installed language on the “time & language” page
  • Click on the “Language”then select “ options ” widget, from the pop up menu
  • Tap “download” button to get the language keyboard and pack

Step 2:Change the Display language

  • Move to the “time & language”  page
  • Choose a Language
  • Tap on “set as default” widget, you will see a write up that say “ will be display language after the next sign in
  • You need to sign out of Windows and sign in again

Step 3: Change welcome screen and new user account language

  • At least install one additional language pack
  • Set one user account to use a different display language
  • Click on the “control panel” tab , make sure it’s switched to icon view
  • Tap twice on “Region” widget
  • Press on “copy settings” button, to copy the current language to your system account
  • Select the language and set as default
  • As soon as you are done, tap on “ok” tab
  • Restart your computer

How To Change The Display Language In Windows 7

The first thing you need to do is to download the language want to use from Microsoft and install it’s pack

Step i: Set The Region and language

  • Click on the “start” button
  • Browse “change display language” in your Windows search tool
  • From the list presented, click on “change display language” link
  • Select “keyboards and language” widget
  • Tap on “install/uninstall” tab

Step ii: Install language pack

  • Select “install display languages” to download
  • You are too choose the language pack location from the options,  “launchWindows update or browse computer or network

Select “launch Windows update” if the language pack is not stored on your computer

Step iii: download language packs with Windows optional update

  • After you selected “Windows update”
  • You are left with two options, click on “optional updates are available” link

Step iv : choose your preferred language packs

  • The available optionaland important updates displays
  • Press on “optional” widget
  • Select the language you want to use
  • Click on “ok” button
  • Go back to “Windows update” page and tap on “install update”
  • Choose a display language
  • Select “ok” tab
  • Log out of your PC and Login again

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