Is of important to keep printers in good state by cleaning it often. When you notice abnormal image or sketch when printing document, you will need to clean up the printer. There are diverse ways you can achieve that, by using the auto cleaning features embedded in the printer and manual cleaning  while is the one you do your self .

Clean A Printer

How To Clean a Printer with it’s Automatic Cleaning function 

  • Locate your printer manual to view it’s given instructions on how to run the cleaning process, if you are unable to find your manual, you can search for it online searching for your printer type manual 
  • Navigate to the printer settings on your Windows
  • Click on “start” button 
  • Go to “control panel” tab 
  • Tap on “view devices and printers” widget 
  • Select the printer you want to clean 
  • Choose “preferences or properties” option depending on the one your printer supported 
  • Click either “hardware” or “maintenance” link and select from the menu to proceed with your printer cleansing 
  • After running the cleaning process, print a test page to see how successful it is 

Clean Printer On Mac 

  • Go to the “Apple” menu 
  • Click on “system preference” link 
  • Select from the options presented, either Print & scan, print & fax or printers & scanner 
  • Choose your printer type 
  • Tap on “options & supplies” button 
  • Pres “utility” link 
  • Select “open printer utility” widget 
  • Click on “head cleaning” tab 
  • Tap on “start” button 
  • When the cleaning process is completed, check to see if the nozzles is clean 
  • Press on “print Nozzle check pattern” tab 
  • Select “print” to confirm if the cleaning process is successful ,if the print head has no breaks or gaps, it means it’s clean, otherwise re-clean the print head 

How To Clean The Printer manually 

If you’ve not succeeded in cleaning your printer with the automatic process, you can do it yourself by cleaning the paper roller and the printer cartridges, all you need is isopropyl alcohol, brush and clothing material 

Clean The Paper rollers 

  • Remove the paper tray to find the paper rollers in inkjet printer , it is made with rubber. for laser printer, you can find the paper rollers in the “access panel” located either on the back or front of your printer 
  • Dip the cloth in the water 
  • wipe the rollers and rotate it as you clean 
  • Dry the rollers with a dry cloth 
  • Put the printer together and try to print a test page 

Clean The Printer Cartridge 

  • Pull out the printer cartridge, by opening the “panel” 
  • Clean each of the ink cartridge with alcohol and clean towel 
  • Remove the print head and clean it up, you can as well put into a bowl of warm water for some minute 
  • When the ink flout on the water, remove it from the water 
  • Wipe the cartridge thoroughly with a dry clothing material before inserting them back in the printer 
  • Proceed with the test print to be know if the cleaning was successful 

With numerous ways presented above you can now keep your printer clean without hesitation. You need to clean your printer every six months. 

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