How To Clean Your Digital camera With Ease

Digital camera lens and LCD screen should be kept clean. when its neatly kept it makes it work better by ensuring sharp photographs and previewing photos in highest quality. Will be teaching you how to clean your camera,materials you need and items to avoid during this process.

Digital camera

Materials Use For Cleaning

You need a Microfiber cloth, lens cleaning paper or a clean, soft, cotton cloth, lens cleaning fluid or water, and a soft bristle brush

Materials To Avoid

Items below should not be used in cleaning your camera lens or LCD screen

  • Avoid rough clothing material
  • Cloths with particles
  • Paper towels
  • Too much liquid
  • Thick bristle brush
  • Paper napkins

How To Clean your digital Camera Lens at Home

when you are home you feel more relax to clean the lens, simply follow the guidelines

  • Power on the camera, if required to open the cover of the lens
  • Turn your camera, with the lens facing the floor
  • Blow air gently to clear deviate particles
  • If particles are remaining on the lens edges, mildly use your soft bristle brush to clear it
  • Use the Microfiber cloth and softly clean the lens beginning from the middle down to the edges
  • If all the dirt are not totally wiped, add a drop of clean water or a cleaning fluid and clean the lens. After, dry with the dry part of the cloth

How To Clean The Lens On The Go

  • Switch on your camera, if needed, to open your camera lens cover
  • Face the lens to the ground and blow to clear stray particles, make sure your don’t use your finger to remove grit
  • Get a soft clean cotton cloth and make sure it does not contain chemicals and perfumes.then you can now wipe the lens softly with it
  • Add little drop of water to the clothing material, if the cloth itself did not clean it completely
  • If you can’t find a soft clean cloth, you can use a facial tissue with few drops of water , just make sure there is no oil in the tissue, otherwise it will cause more problems . These method is applicable when you have no other option

How To Clean your digital camera LCD Screen

  • Make sure your camera is off
  • Remove dust from the LCD, using a small soft brush. You can as well blow on the screen if you don’t have a brush at hand
  • Get your Microfiber cloth to clean the LCD screen
  • If the LCD screen is still not neat, you can add clean water to the cloth

To Clean your camera Body

  • Turn off your camera
  • Use a soft brush sweep out dirt around the memory card doors, camera connectors and battery
  • If you have in-built flash and view finder in your camera, use the Microfiber to clean
  • If you Still have stubborn dirt in some part of the camera body. you can try adding water to the cloth


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