How to Clean Your Phone to get Rid of Covid-19 – What to Use in Cleaning Your Phone

As a result of the Covid-19 virus settling on surfaces, you need to know How to Clean Your Phone to get Rid of Covid-19. With the recent outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, there has been much attention placed on preventive measures such as handwashing, staying at home when you are sick, and cleaning commonly touched surfaces.

How to Clean Your Phone to get Rid of Covid-19

How to Clean Your Phone to get Rid of Covid-19

Notwithstanding, there are a lot of surfaces we often neglect. These surfaces include the touchscreen and the carrying cases of our phones. Right! Studies have shown that our cellphones can be carriers if microbial life forms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. In this article let my guide you o how to Clean your phone to get Rid of Covid-19.

How to Clean Your Phone

Before you begin cleaning your cellphone some manufacturers have outline instructions that might be of good in order not to damage your device or case. Apple just like others manufacturer have provided recommendation because of the Covid-19 outbreak for its products such like:

  • Do not use hard substances on the device. Only use a soft lint-free cloth
  • Avoid excessive wiping
  • Always unplug all power sources, devices, and cables
  • Ensure that you keep all liquid away from your device
  • Avoid aerosol sprays, abrasives and bleaches
  • Don’t allow moisture to get into any openings
  • Avoid the spraying cleaners directly into your device
  • Use 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes or Clorox disinfecting wipes to Clean or wipe down any hard, nonporous surfaces.

However, you should avoid using chlorine bleach as this could damage your phone.

How Often Should You Clean Your Phone?

How to clean your phone to get Rid of Covid-19 is basically if your phone is contaminated with high levels of the virus when it comes in contact with cough or sneezing near it. However, microscopic droplet containing the virus could have settle on your phone.. So it will be a good idea to clean your phone often base on exposure. If you are diligent in washing your hands often then you would need to Clean to screen less often, maybe twice or once a day.

What to Use in Cleaning Your Phone

To clean your phone and get it Rid of Covid-19, you can apply the same substances you use to clean your hands. But some of the substances are better than others.

Lint-free Cloth

 The best is to moisten a lint-free cloth, the kind you may use to clean a pair of glasses, add some soap and give your phone and its case a thorough wipe down.

Water and Soap

Water itself is inactive or does not kill virus but simply wash them away. Soap is stronger and superior because it contains fat-like substances. Virus is composed of genetic material, proteins and fats. When soap interact with viruses like the fat-like substances in the soap compete with the viral lipids and cause the virus to break down.

UV Virus-Zapping

You can use high tech companies’ material such as Phonesoap and Homedics that makes UV sanitizers for phone. These are like tanning beds that bathe them in ultraviolet light. Even Samsung stores are now offering services to sanitize your phone through a similar method for free in some locations.

In conclusion, there are lots of other products on the market that claim to kill Coronavirus but it is cheaper and easier to stay with a good hygiene of hand washing, with soap and the use of disinfectant.


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