How To Control Apple TV with iPhone Control Center

Apple TV can be controlled with your iPhone or iPad because it has the same control options. So if you lost your TV remote, your iPhone or iPad is an option to keep you going.

Apple TV

Items you Need

You need an iPhone or iPad that runs iOS 11  or above  and finally an Apple TV

Steps to Control Apple TV with control center

  • Add Apple TV remote to control Center
  • Set up Apple TV
  • Control with remote features

How To Add The Apple TV Remote to control Center

For you to be able to perform this task you need to include the remote options to control Center on your iPhone or iPad

  • Open your phone settings
  • Click on “control center” widget
  • Press on “customize controls” button
  • Click on “more” tab
  • Tap on “+” sign close to the TV remote

How To Set up Apple TV

This section is connecting your iPhone or iPad and Apple TV to enable phone act as a remote for the TV

  • Ensure your TV, iPhone/iPad  is connected to the same WIFI network
  • Power on your Apple TV and HDTV if is not On
  • Swipe upward from the bottom of the screen to open the control center. For iPhone X and up, swipe from up  and on iPad swipe down from the top right side.
  • Click on the “TV” tab
  • Choose the TV you want to control from the menu above.
  • The TV shows a pass-code, then key in the Passcode displayed on the TV on your iPhone/iPad.
  • Your TV is connected already to your iPhone or iPad.

How To Use the Control Center For Your TV

  • Launch the control center and then click on the “TV” icon to access the remote
  • Tap on “TV menu” at the top of the screen
  • The remote appears on the screen with the features that will be detailed below

Remote features

  • The control pad is the big space at the top which you click to make selections.
  • The Menu button works like a back button and then provides options
  • The Play and Pause feature, plays video and audio and also pause it.
  • Skip back 10 Seconds is the round button with a curved arrow facing left jumps back 10 seconds in audio and video that plays onscreen.
  • Forward 10 seconds  is the button that has a curved arrow facing right, it skips ahead 10 seconds in video and audio
  • The Siri button enables you to make voice commands, simply hold on the Siri tab and then speak.
  • The Home button moves you back to the home screen

How To Shutdown Apple TV with The Control Center

  • Launch the control center
  • Press and hold on the home tab until a menu shows on the screen
  • When the menu appears use the control Pad to Click on “Sleep” tab, then Press “ control Pad” for the TV to shut down.


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