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How To Create And Print Envelope in Words

Is quit easy to create and print envelope in MS Word. You just need to set up a return address, verify the printing option. you will learn the customizing aspect of the envelope without paying for it to be done by professionals.

create and print envelope

How To Setup a return address

  • Open “word”
  • Tap on the “file” button
  • Select “options” tab
  • Click on “Advanced” widget
  • Navigate downward and enter your return address in the “mailing address” box
  • Press “OK” button

How To Verify Printing options

You need to make sure the printer options are rightly set

  • Go to the “mailing” button
  • Tap on “envelopes” in the create group
  • Click on “options” link
  • Select “envelope options” widget
  • Choose the size that can go with your envelope from “envelope size box”  in case none matches the size of your envelope, tap on “custom size”, in the width and height box, enter your envelope dimensions
  • Select “printing options” button, as the printer driver directs word the proper way the envelope should be in the printer
  •  Load the envelope as directed
  • Press on “OK” tab
  • Enter text in the “delivery address” box,tap on “print” to verify if the envelope will be printed correctly
  • If it did not print correctly, you can locate you printer manual to learn how to load envelopes into the printer, upgrade your printer driver or go back and adjust the “printing options”

How To Create,Print andSave envelope

Microsoft words make sit an easy task, take the following steps and get it done in few minutes, Navigate and open word

Open Envelope tool

  • Click on “mailings” menu group
  • Select “envelopes”  to open envelopes and labels wizard
  • Enter the mailing address into the delivery address box ,to use installed address located in the electronic address book on your PC, Tap on “insert address” widget

Change envelope font size /add return address

  • To change the envelope font styles, click on “Font” button, a dialog box will appear, displaying font options, select and click on “ok” tab
  • Key in the return address in the mailing box provided,  if you want to use an address in the address book on your computer, tap on “insert address” widget
  • When you Key in your return address, you will be asked if you want to save or keep the return address for future use, if you don’t want it to be included in your current envelope, click on “omit”
  • To include “electronic postage to your envelope, tap on “Add electronic postage”, you will be prompted to install one, if you don’t have it on your computer
  • Press on “E-postage properties” tab to set options

Print and save envelope in Microsoft Word

  • To print envelope without saving, load the envelope in the printer and click on “print” widget
  • You want to save envelope, Press on “Add to document” widget, select “file” button, click on “save as”, then create a name for it,  insert the envelope to the printer and press “print”

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