How To Create Facebook Landing Page

Create Facebook Landing Page? Yes it’s very important for people with Fb advertising to have a page where visitors are taking to, after clicking on their ad. It’s in the landing page that they get the complete details of what you’re advertising. So to have an effective ads and high converting page , it’s necessary You create a landing page where you can direct your visitors to.

create facebook landing page
create facebook landing page

Why do I need to create Facebook Landing page?

As an advertiser, if you don’t have a landing page, it means you’ve not started. It is the Facebook landing page that leads visitors to your sales platform. So every advertiser need to create this page an effective one at that. Because if your visitor likes your ads and can’t find something attracting, they will still end up not converting.

How to create Effective Facebook landing page

To get the best landing page practice, read through the tips outlined below,

Enter Effective Headlines

A  strong heading is what keeps your visitors going on your page. Because they can only go for what they see.

Add Quality images and videos

The images and video can also draw people’s attention to your page. So when you want to add photos or video , find a quality one to support your headline.

Include Attracting Offer

Try to make offers that can make visitors want to convert. most cases, people are after what they will gain for converting.

Avoid filling Excess personal data

Avoid requesting for lots of personal data. When the form you presented has lots of data space to be filled, the visitor might be tired to fill it. You know what happens next? The person pulls-away.

Select appropriate landing page

Choose the landing page that suit your advertising goal. You need to be specific in stating your goal on the landing page. With this, visitors will now decide whether to continue or not.

mobile device friendly – to create Facebook landing page

Due to the large number of people visiting Facebook with their mobile device. is good you ensure your visitors don’t turn their phones screen around with a non responsive form, this can make them Withdraw. So make sure your landing page is mobile friendly.


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