How To Delete Amazon Prime Account – Why deleting your Amazon Prime Account?

How To Delete Amazon Prime Account. Amazon Prime account is strictly a member’s account platform. Everyone on this Amazon Prime registered to be a member. It comes with a 30-days free trial that elapses after 1-month. Also, it comes with exclusive deals, rewards, and offers. With Amazon PrimeAccount you get fast, free delivery on over 100 million items. Watch exclusive Amazon originals and thousands of popular movies, TV shows, live events and more at no cost. Shop and save exclusively with 5% back for eligible prime members with the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card. Also, read top Kindle books, Magazines, Short works, books with Audible narration, comics children’s books, at no additional cost. To delete your Prime account means you do want the prime services again. Now, the question“how to delete Amazon Prime Account”?.

How To Delete Amazon Prime Account

What is Amazon Prime Account?

Now let’s get to really know what Amazon Prime Account is about. Amazon prime is a paid subscripted service offer by Amazon. It is a service that grants users access to services that would be cost extra payments to the typical Amazon customer. The subscription comes with free two-day delivery, music streaming and video inclusive with other benefits. WithPrime account you will gain access to Amazon-exclusive deals on Amazon prime day.

Why deleting your Amazon Prime Account?

When you decide to finally delete your Amazon Prime Account you have to think carefully. Because once you delete your Amazon Prime Account is deleted you will lose all the benefits attached to such an account at the end of your subscription year. From what has been observed over the years by customers most of the customers get uneven with the bulk of email alerts they receive on a daily basis. Also, Amazon Prime Account is automatically renewed yearly without the concern of the users

Additionally, if you delete your Amazon Prime Account you will lose products and benefits attached to your Prime Membership. When your membership date reaches all the benefits attached to your account will be disabled.

How to Delete Amazon Prime Account

Amazon Prime costs $119  for subscription yearly and you will get a discount on items as a member. But if you want to delete your Amazon Prime Account follow these steps:

  • Click on the “Sign In” widget
  • Sign in to your account if not already signed in.
  • Navigate to the “Account &Lists” near the top of the page.
  • Next, click on the “Prime Membership”
  • Next, click the “End Membership and Benefits” link under “Membership Management” on the left side of the page. Here the process begin Cancelling your membership
  • You will receive a reminder from Amazon of what you’re giving up
  • Next, click “End My Benefits” and go through the prompt and to proceed with the cancelation process.
  • Finally, you will get a prompt to confirm the cancellation of your Prime account membership. Your membership will not really end immediately until the end of the period you have paid for your subscription.

Note that Amazon will give you a refund. if on your current membership period you have not used the benefits yet.


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