How To Delete Soundcloud Account

Delete Soundcloud Account? deleting your soundcloud account will automatically clear all data from the servers, including the music tracks you uploaded and it’s data usage. You can only delete your account by signing into your account. Thus, currently you cannot delete this account with the mobile Soundcloud app. So with the Web browser you can easily get it done.

delete souncloud account
delete souncloud account

Steps to delete soundcloud account

You can only delete the soundcloud account via soundcloud website. Follow the steps below to remove the account,

Step 1: Open Soundcloud Account

  • Go to your Web browser to launch Soundcloud at
  • Cancel subscription if you subscribe to Soundcloud

Step 2: Sign in to delete Soundcloud account

  • Move to the right top of the page and Click on “Sign in” widget. If you’ve not signed in already.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions

Step 3: Locate Settings tab

  • On your homepage, tap on menu button represented with three dots
  • A drop-down list comes up, scroll down you will see the “settings” button
  • Press on “Settings” widget beneath the list.

Step:4 Delete Account

  • After you select the settings tab, it takes you to the delete Account page
  • Move downward and hit the “delete account” button to display delete options.
  • From the list, read through to choose the reason you want to delete the account.
  • If you want to delete your account, your tracks, comment and stats, check mark the empty box below
  • Move downward and click on the orange “delete my account” widget.Your account will be removed.

What to do After deleting account

Uninstall app-After purging your soundcloud account, you can go to your phone to safely uninstall the mobile app.

Disconnect app – Make sure you disconnect soundcloud from other applications.

Delete user cache -However to clear every trace of your account, delete your User cache from Google.

Reactivate account

When account is finally deleted it’s  hard to recover the account because soundcloud does not keep data of a wiped account. But you can try to recover your account if you recently removed it. All you need is to go to soundcloud support platform for help.


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