How To Find a Profitable Product to Sell On Amazon

Profitable Product to sell on Amazon is not difficult to find. However selling on this platform appears to be an ambitious task, and you don’t know how to find profitable product to sell on Amazon, however you will get the full detail on ways to source product.

profitable product to sell on amazon

Find Profitable Items to sell On Amazon

You don’t know how to find good items to sell on the Marketplace. However most individuals sell items they manufactured by themselves or reselling wholesale products,which is regarded as a traditional method. However their are other item sourcing methods , which are

  • Drop shipping method
  • Retail Arbitrage
  • Personal Label
  • Re-selling wholesale Goods
  • Handmade and manufacturing product

Drop ship method

This method suite beginners and individual with drop shipping experience. And it’s cost to start is low. Here when you list an item for sale and then order, the shipping vendor ships it for you, it is then you can be charged for the product. However this method tend to have a low profit margins that leaves small amount after it have passed through Amazon via seller fee. With Drop ship, you might likely encounter item quality issue, inventory shortages and late shipping.

The Retail Arbitrage

this source method is best for beginners and small sellers. It has a very low Startup amount . So you only buy items in reduced prices in retails stores and then come to Amazon and resell it. So as soon as they Locate a product that appears to be good , they check the potential profit using Amazon price scanning apps. Therefore with this apps you can be able to see what the item is selling for and also know if there will be profit. Moreover if you are reselling goods it’s important learn ways you can make it profitable.

Personal label Method

This method to source item cost to start is from low to high level. So it is best for established sellers or brands. However it has to do with purchasing products from producers and then package it and sell them using your own trademark.

Reselling wholesale products

Best for established sellers. The cost start ranges from medium to high . People purchase products in bulk from manufacturer or wholesaler and then resell them with an increase in price. However, before you buy items in big quantity is advising you make a thorough research, that is ensuring the product is on high demand to avoid getting stuck with unsold items.

Handmade and manufacturing products

This source of product is perfect for Artisans and established manufacturing businesses. The cost to start ranges from low to high. However if you can produce stuff own your own, then you don’t need to search for product to sell anymore. Thus the issue here is to be able to know the seller Fees in Amazon and to also make your profit.

Profitable items To Sell On Amazon

Below are some of the items you can sell easily due to they are highly demanded,

Electronic Products -sell on amazon

Electronics is always on demand is hard to see people in this current generation living without it and it also have a lower commission fee.

Baby things-profitable to sell on amazon

People keep giving birth to babies which makes them need enough baby stuff , making it sell perfectly on this platform.

Workout Wears

workout wear sells perfectly on this platform . People would want to new exercise wears . Therefore you can make good sells on this product because there are individual who wants to start workout


Books are part of the items that sells on this Marketplace ,so you can purchase books in bulk and then in-turn sell them on their original price on Amazon.

Setup Seller Account -to sell profitable items on amazon

  • Go to Amazon homepage
  • Click on “create an account”button
  • Enter your name, email address and password
  • Confirm password
  • Tap on “create your Amazon account” button

How To Sell profitable Product On Amazon

  • Go to
  • Select, selling on Amazon” tab below the page
  • Choose between “sell as individual or sell as a professional” tab
  • Enter relevant information in the blank spaces
  • You can now start selling your items.


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