How To Find the Best Selling Product On Amazon

How To Find the Best Selling Product On Amazon? A lot of new prospects on the Amazon Marketplace are facing this same challenge on how to find the best selling product on Amazon. According to research, Amazon sells up to 400 million individual products.

In this article, I’ll be showing you steps that will guide you in finding the unique products to sell on Amazon. Then I’ll also tutor you in learning how to start selling on Amazon effectively by making use of advanced analytics and product monitoring software. Selling on Amazon, for beginners, is a great first step in learning more about eCommerce. Beginners are always having difficulty trying to search or sort out in this big market what best niche to place their effort and resources.

the Best Selling Product On Amazon

However, Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) program cures the stress that has to do with online orders. Though, it’s not for everyone, since there are advantages and disadvantages to selling on Amazon.

The requirements to Find the Best products to Sell online With Amazon

  • Amazon Associates Account – This enables you to earn a commission on the product when customers buy after visiting your site.
  • Ahrefs Account–It is the tools you used to search for keywords and other SEO opportunities for your website and also for product listings.
  • Amazon Seller Account –with this account you can sell products right in Amazon’s platform.
  • JungleScout Account – it is also a built tool for assisting Amazon sellers and affiliate marketers to identify the best, ranking or top products on Amazon.
  • Profitable Lineup of Niche Products to sell.

Steps To Find Best Selling Products On Amazon

Step 1. Check the Amazon pages that the big brands Are shifting traffic to

Take a survey of the pages that the big brands are directing their customers to. The pages they are pushing their traffic to. to do this, follow these steps below;

  • Find the big brand in your space. Log in their domain into Ahrefswebsite Explorer.
  • Click on the ongoing links
  • Next, sort out by linked domains, check the number of links they are sending to Amazon
  • Search into those links very closely by studying anchor text to see which of the products they are linking up with.

Moreover, by doing this, they are earning commissions on Amazon for generating these sales. With their industry expertise, they are moving customers to those best searches for products. Thereby, generating an affiliate commission at the end of the sales. This can also be done during the seasonal season for those seasonal products.

Step 2. Use Amazon Reviews to find the best selling product on Amazon

One of the easiest ways to find the best selling product on Amazon is customer reviews. You can leverage on the analysis from customers. Using the reviews to check what customers on Amazon are really tripping for and what customers are really upset about a product. For new sellers that want to develop their own products, pay more attention to their competitor’s customer’s reviews. Using this may help you more than your competitor.

Step 3. Search out For Listing With a Few Customer Reviews

Doing business successfully on Amazon is determined by your product ranking on the first page of search results. Search for items with lesser customer reviews. Amazon ranks products based on reviews.

Step 4. Trending Product on to Sell on Amazon now is Food.

As Amazon launches AmazonFreshand Prime Pantry, food has become a trendy e-commerce category on Amazon. Using Google Trends, it has shown that “Healthy Food” keeps increasing. Since the health food market is diverse, it will take a lot of money to build an inventory of products to meet up with demands. So it is advisable to build up an affiliate marketing site that could enable you to cash in on healthy food products. Build a personal health foods market online, market it with an effective affiliate marketing site. Then, generate traffic to your site while selling through Amazon.

Step 5. Use JungleScoutTo Find products to sell on Amazon

JungleScout is a wonderful tool for searching deeply above the surface and in digging out opportunities. With JungleScout you can see the following;

  • The top-selling Amazon products, based on search items input
  • Estimation on sales for individual Amazon listings
  • The average price on a category
  • The basic average number of reviews that particular items have.
  • Estimation of revenue, based on sales metrics, that existing sellers are earning.

Step 6. Find Products to sell on Amazon via Wholesale

This means that you will wholesale products in bulk right from the manufacturer or supplier and sell such products individually on Amazon at a retail price. Therefore, you have to be sure of the manufacturer you’re partnering with, ensure that they are reliable and effective in their production

Step 7. Test best products That you have found with an Affiliate Site.

When you have found the product you will like to sell on Amazon, also test the product on its category with an Affiliate marketing site. It is better to spend time and money to search out what will bring returns on investment than a trial and error game. Open an affiliate account. Create a relationship with other sites.

Step 8. Find and Verify Suppliers For Product You desire to sell on Amazon

Looking into the durability of the product and how strong these suppliers are in terms of delivery of the product is very essential. Try to establish a private-label product to meet up with customers’ demands in the future. So as to avoid negative Amazon customers reviews on your brand. Make a choice on the manufacturer you Wan either the overseas manufacturer or local manufacturers.

Step 9. Avoid Selling Products on Amazon In Categories Dominated by the major Competitors.

At every point in time, when picking products line to sell on Amazon always avoid the space with big brand competitors. This will majorly suppress you and limit your raising in rank. Because they are well known and are already at the top. The list changes every week.

Step 10. Carry out Search on Product listing Ads with Ahrefs keyword Explorer

However, Use Ahrefs Keyword Explorer to find the best selling product on Amazon. As an online Seller make sure that your Amazon items listings rank well base on your shoppers are typing into Google and Amazon

Step 11. Avoid Returns by choosing the Best products to List on Amazon

Always give an accurate description of your products to avoid returns. Also, displayed proper pictures of your products and ensure adequate packing when shipping your products against the rigorous shipping. And always reply to customer’s feedback and analysis existing reviews by customers.

Finally, besides finding the best products to sell on Amazon, also, try to ensure that your products are not often returned. Thus will have a negative impact on your brand and your profit margin.


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