How to Fix Android Phone Speaker Not Working

Is Quit frustrating when your Android phone Speaker Starts misbehaving, going mute unexpectedly. This article will reveal steps on How to Fix Android Phone Speaker Not Working, these steps would help you fix your Android device speaker.

Your Android Phone Speaker Not Working

Your Android Phone Speaker Not working

Follow the directives below to unveil issues associated with your phone Speaker and how to solve them

Switch on Your Android Phone Speaker

While on call Check to see if you turned on the Speaker, if it displays green  it means it’s on otherwise, click on the “Speaker” image

Increase the in call volume

Go to the phone volume of your device and tap on the “up button” you can find it at your phone side move the volume button to the right to increase it

Check your phone media volume

  • Move to your device settings
  • Click on the “sounds and vibration” widget
  • Select the “volume” option
  • Take the media slider to the right

Check to see if your headphones are plugged in

Some Android devices can off the external speaker when you have your earpiece plugged in

If it’s not plugged in, you can clean up your headphone jack with Q-tip, you can as well blow the Jack in case there is any obstruction in it, causing your device to believe an earpiece is inserted

Try to adjust the app sound settings

There are applications that allow you off its sounds from the different volume control. Check to see if you muted the app sound

Make sure the Do not disturb option is not enabled

do not disturb totally silences your phone from calls, notifications, and more. it is very similar to the airplane mode but comes with some extra tweaks. Your smartphone might be on do not disturb so turn it off and the sound issue might be fixed.

Turn your phone off and On again

Restarting your device can assist in refreshing and fixing most software errors

Try to free your phone from its case

Some phone cases or holsters can cover the Speaker thereby affecting the sound, remove it to see if there is an improvement

Clean your Android Phone Speaker

Sometimes, your smartphone speaker might just be plugged in, and this would prevent sound from coming out. so, try cleaning it yourself if you are tech-savvy. or you can take it to a repair place if you are not sure of yourself. you can try blowing on the speaker, it might work.

Reset all Settings

Sometimes, the problem might just be coming from your phone settings. so before trying some other extreme methods, try resetting your settings.

  • Click on “settings” icon on your device
  • Select the “general management” tab
  • Pres “reset settings” button
  • Click again on “Reset settings”

Factory reset your Android phone

Your phone speaker software might have been tampered with by viruses or other software. resetting your phone would fix the issue if that is the case. You can start the resetting, process, and backup your phone to your computer or via Google. After reset, as soon as your phone powers on, go to your Google account and restore your data

  • From your settings, move down and tap the “privacy” tab
  • Move downward and select “Factory data reset” link
  • Tap on “Reset phone”
  • Click the “reset everything” button

Perform a Software Update to fix the Android Device Speaker

With this software, all that is required might just be an update. outdated software can sometimes affect your speaker. So try updating your speaker.

  • Navigate to your phone setting
  • Click on the “about phone” widget
  • Select “System updates” if a software update appears, Tap on “update”


If all the steps stated above do not fix your speaker, then try taking it to a repair place to get it checked out.


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