How To Fix Spinning wheel of Death on Mac

Spinning wheel of Death on Mac is the rainbow colored circle,that appears on the screen,signifying a temporary delay. This may likely happen when an application is frozen, in other words, when an app gets multiple events than it can process, then the spinning ball shows up.Therefore when stuff like that takes place taping on the desktop might restore you Mac back. So you will be educated in this article on why spinning wheel appears and also what to do to get it fixed.

spinning wheel of death on mac

Causes Of Mac Spinning wheel of Death

  • Due to a frozen app
  • A faulty hardware
  • Insufficient Random Access Memory

Numerous ways To Stop Spinning wheel on Mac

Here comes the troubleshooting to spinning wheel of death on Mac. Simply perform each possible solution to solve the problem.

  • Through repair permission
  • By Clearing the Dynamic link editor Cache
  • Checking the background process
  • Spotlight indexing

Fix a spinning wheel via Repair permission

Why repairing permission?  It is to ensure the app and all files associated to it have the appropriate permission required to perform. This fix is available for individuals using OS X Yosemite or older

Fix Using dynamic link Editor

The dynamic link editor is a platform for OS X to load and also link programs to shared libraries. This dynamic link editor stores cache of current library entry points and when this cache becomes corrupt it leads to spinning wheel of death. To clear this cache, follow this directive

  • Go to applications, then Utility
  • Open terminal
  • Key in this command “sudoupdate_dyld_shared_cache-force
  • Click on “Enter” Key
  • Type in administrative account password.
  • As soon as the password is accepted, you might likely get a warning from the terminal concerning mismatches in the dyld Cache. But there’s nothing to worry about.
  • Wait for some time for the cache to be cleared completely and when this happens the normal prompt returns

Check the background process

Is possible that an app running at the background is the reason for the spinning wheel and not the suspected app. You can easily dictate If app like the safari is the cause for the delay, that is by getting another app to the foreground and if the spinning wheel disappears and comes back as soon as you the safari is back on the front, it means the safari is likely the cause of the issue .But if the SPOD maintains its stand when you opened a different application, then the problem is from another app.

Fix Spinning wheel of Death on Mac – Check Spotlight indexing

  • Open the activity monitor
  • Move your cursor upward and tap on the “CPU” widget
  • Find the process with the names “mds” “mdworker” or “mdimport”.  If you any of this process name have high percentage of the CPU activity that is more than 20%, then is possible Spotlight is updating it’s database
  • You can wait for the process to b completed but if you can’t wait, simply turn the spotlight indexing off


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