How To Fix Windows Error when Windows failed to start

Windows Error evolve from a disconnected device, failing hardware, a missing file or failed update, which in turns cause windows Startup failure. With the troubleshooting tips, you can get your system to work properly.

windows error

Fixes for Windows Error recovery, When Windows failed to start

This troubleshooting methods apply to Windows 10, 8 and 7, follow the steps depending on your Windows type

Switch off/On Your Computer

This process is also known as restarting your computer, that is to turn it Off and also turn it on again. It’s for all Windows system. This restores access in the event there the issue was just rare malfunction when starting up your system.

Check Your connections On desktop computer

ThisMethod apply to both windows 10, 8 and 7. If your mouse or keyboard is used with a cable, all you have to do is to Unplug it and plug eachback again to make sure thedevices are properly connected. Because if the keyboard is not properly connected it can cause your system to stop during Startup.

Ensure the Power Indicator light on desktop system

Check if the power indicator light is turned on,if you can’t see the light, it maybe that the power supply has failed.  So when you tap on the power button and light fail to show, you might likely need to replace the power supply.

Unplug Power Cables and Remove Battery to solve windows error

This step is for laptop systems that it’s battery can be remove with ease. Go ahead and unplug all power cables attached to it and then remove the battery. As soon as you’ve done this plug in AC power cable and then connect it to your laptop.Next thing you do is to try to start up your system again, If the problem is solved, it means the issue evolve from the battery.

Wait For some time,if something appears on the screen

In most cases Windows attempts to install system, application and driver updates when Startup is taking place. It is commonly on slower or earlier system which makes update take time while installing. So you are advise to leave your computer on for a long time and see if the problem is settled.

Start Windows With Advanced boot options

It tries to start the system with current device, registry and operating systems transforms reverted to settings that worked, thereby letting your computer regain from failed device driver update or from improper configuration of the registry entry. All you need is to go to the advanced boot options to see if the windows Error that is refusing it from starting will clear.

Perform Startup Repair to Clear Windows Error

This process has the capacity to scan your system and also try to solve damaged or missing files In your computer. It restarts your system during this process and might want to run the repair more than one time to resolve the problem.

Run a System Restore

The work of the system restore is to take your computer, registry and drivers back to the earlier point where it last worked well.

Refresh your computer to Resolve Windows Error

This is another way of clearing Windows Errors that refuses it to start. It reinstalls Windows but keeps apps originally installed with the apps installed from Ms stores. Note, this process will not delete your files rather it apps installed will be removed.


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