How to Get Twitch Prime – What is Twitch Prime | Benefits of Twitch Prime

How to Get Twitch Prime? You must have been hearing about Twitch Prime, and you don’t know what it’s all about and how to get it? This article provides a quick guide on how to get the account.

How to Get Twitch Prime - What is Twitch Prime | Benefits of Twitch Prime

How to Get Twitch Prime – What is Twitch Prime

First of all, I will like to define what a twitch is, it is an Amazon online video streaming service. Thus, Twitch Prime is now a high experience on twitch available for amazon prime and Prime video members. As a Prime member, you are entitled to extra games, exclusive emotes and in-game content, which ordinary members can’t get.


When you become a member, then the following are what you will get,

Users select’s in-game loot and games without any extra charges.

Receive a Twitch channel subscription every month for your affiliate or partner channels.

VideoPrime Users gets free twitch channel subscription when their paid membership to Prime video begins.

Users can access emoticons like ScaredyCat, KappaHDand many more.

Members can set a chat color in the settings, using the three sliders.

Receive extra copies of qualified in-game content for free, to give to others using the prime terms gift chest.

You are entitled to extended broadcast storage.

Is the account available for all?

Who can use twitch Prime? Here is your answer, Amazon prime users residing in the following countries, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, Belgium, France, Singapore, Spain, Brazil, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Austria, Canada, Netherlands, and Australia.

Furthermore, prime video users in over 200 countries and territories can also use twitch Prime.

How To Get Twitch Prime with Few Steps

To get the Prime account is very easy, all you need is to do the following.

  • Create an account with twitch.
  • Have an Amazon prime account. If you don’t have it, you have to create one.
  • Connect your Amazon prime account to your twitch account.

The sections under will put you through on how to create and also link the account.

How to Create a Twitch account

Progress to their official website, on the home screen you will see the sign-up button, just tap on it to view the registration page. Enter the required data and tap sign up

How to Subscribe

  • Proceed to the abode-page at Twitchprime.
  • To link the Amazon prime account, Press on the “confirm” button.

For Prime video users

  • Type in the following Twitchprime on your browser
  • Click enter to proceed to the official site
  • Hit on the “start your free trial” tab to connect your accounts
  • Select the“confirm” link on the screen.

Steps for Non-Amazon Prime and Prime Video Users

If you don’t have any of the above-mentioned accounts, these steps are for you.

  • Visit their official website and ensure your country of residence is set to Prime video worldwide plan, at the signup page.
  • You can sign in or create an account
  • Fill the spaces with your billing address and payment details.
  • Press “start your 7-day free trial” link
  • Login in to your Amazon account
  • Sign up/sign in to your twitch
  • Choose the “confirm” widget.

with the steps above, you will see that the steps for non-amazon prime and prime video users are very easy and simple.


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