How To Get Your iPad devices to the Latest iPadOS Version

How To Get Your iPad Devices to the Latest iPadOS Version. Having your iPhone device update to the new iPadOS version from Apple. The update is for free. The latest version gives you the latest security and bug fixes and new features. To update your iPad device there are other steps to follow. In this article, we will see How To Get Your iPad devices to the Latest iPadOS Version

How To Get Your iPad devices to the Latest iPadOS Version

Back-Up your Device Before Update

Why problems when installing are often rare, probably something may go wrong and make your iPad to lose your data. Therefore, before you install an iOS update, perform a backup first to avoid unnecessary loss of your data.

How to Update Your iPad to latest iPadOS Version

Update iPadOS Via the Settings App

One of the ways to update your iPad to the latest version of iPadOS is through the settings App. Most people recently, update their iPad directly on the device without connecting it to any computer. This process is a wireless installation. Here are the few steps to do it

  • First, launch the “Settings” app from the Home Screen
  • Next click on “General” icon in the left column
  • Next, tap on the “Software Update” on the right side of the screen

However, the settings menu gives information about the latest iPadOS update, including the version number and details about new changes. If your iPhone has not downloaded the update already

  • Click on the “Download and Install” click to download the update. Your phone will install the update immediately. If your iPad has already download the update, you will see the “Install Now” notification, click on it to begin the process.
  • After the installation process, A message might pop up asking you to verify the update, wait for this prompt to finish. When the verification is complete the iPad screen goes off to restart itself.

Update IOS in Finder or iTunes

Also, your iPad can be updated through a wired connection with your Mac or Windows PC. Updating on a Mac running macOS 10.15, open a Finder. On a Windows PC or Mac running macOS10.14 or earlier, open iTunes.

Simply connect your iPad to your computer with a Lightning-to-USB cable. If it’s your first time connecting it to your computer, Press on “Trust”. Search for your iPad on the computer and click on it. If you are using macOS 10.15, you will find it on the left side of the Finder Window under “Locations”

If you are using iTunes, click the iPad icon in the for the toolbar near the top of the screen. In the window with information on your iPad, move to the “General “ icon (in Finder) or Settings. In iTunes (Summary). Then click on “Check for update”

If the update is available, click on the ‘Download ‘ and it’s complete, click on “Update”. Enter your passcode if you’re asked and the update will install

Check that your iPad is Up to date

After all the updates on your iPad, ensure that every update is duly installed. You can still double-check

  • On your iPad, navigate to settings
  • Next to General, then to Software Update
  • If your iPad is fully updated, you will see a  screen showing you that your software is up to date.


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