How To Get your Product listed on Amazon

Get your product listed on Amazon and make money on the marketplace . So to get started what you need is to create a seller account with Amazon and then set up your product listing. Therefore keep reading as you learn how to list your item on this Amazon platform.

get your product listed on amazon
get your product listed on amazon

Requirements to create Amazon Seller Account

  • Contact information
  • Business details
  • Details on your tax registration

How to setup Seller account to get product listed on Amazon

  • Visit Amazon homepage and then click on “your account” icon under the name at the top right corner of the screen.
  • From the menu Click “your seller account” tab
  • Tap on “start selling” tab
  • Select the type of seller you are from the options, by clicking on “sell as an individual” or “sell as a professional” tab
  • Fill in required info and then go to the next page to enter your selling details.
  • To verify your identity, fill your phone number and then click on “call me now” link
  • Press on “Register and continue” widget

How To Create a product Listing on Amazon

This article will help you to setup your first Amazon listing. Is important you know that listing field differs in products, you don’t need to be under confusion while filling the field, the step below will put you through on the kind of thing you will need to enter in the empty box.

Login To Your seller account to get product listed on Amazon

Proceed to Amazon website and login to your account. For beginners simply Key in your email address, tap no to the password available, then hit the “submit” button and follow the prompt.

Find product category

On Amazon website , Search for product you want to sell. And then select the category that matches the product you want to sell.

Fill in the listing information to list product on Amazon

  • After you’ve find the product, click on “Sell yours here” tab
  • Select and fill in the item condition
  • Add a condition note , it means to add an extra info about your item condition.
  • Add your product image
  • Include product tittle, keywords, manufacturer and brand name, manufacturer part number, material type, color and color map, shape, size, hand orientation and tension supported, GTIN, related product ID, item display dimensions and weight, weight supported and display maximum weight recommendation, shaft length, product ID, price and quantity etc.
  • Select shipping method and then tap “submit” link


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