How to Get your product sold on Amazon

Get your product sold on Amazon. Amazon is the largest online Marketplace,it records large number of sales, this is to show you that your product can be easily sold using this platform. Thus it’s a good place for people who wants to make money buy showing off their products . However if you are wondering on how you can get your product sold on Amazon, you will get the steps to follow in this article.

get your product sold on amazon
How to get your product sold on Amazon

Different ways you can get your item sold

Reselling wholesale item– it is suitable for established sellers. However it’s Startup price ranges from medium to high .with this method you buy products in bulk from wholesaler and then resell them.

Handmade and manufacturing products – This method is best for Artisans and established manufacturing businesses. The start cost ranges from low to high. So if you can make product on your own, it means you don’t need to search for product to sell anymore.

Personal label – deals with products you buy from manufacturer and then package it and sell them under your own brand name.

The Retail Arbitrage- it is suitable for beginners and small sellers. Thus embedded with a low Startup price . Therefore all you need is to buy product in reduced prices in retails stores and then come to Amazon and resell it.

How To Get item sold on Amazon

  • Create a seller account
  • Create product listing
  • Packaging and shipping

Create a Seller account to get your product sold on Amazon

  • Go to Amazon homepage and then click on “your account” icon at the top right side of the page.
  • Pres on “your seller account” widget From the menu
  • Click “start selling” link
  • Choose between “sell as an individual” or“sell as a professional” tab
  • Enter required info and then go to the next page to enter your selling details
  • To verify your identity, enter your phone number and then click on “call me now” button
  • Pres on “Register and continue” tab

Create product Listing

  • On Amazon website and login to your account.For beginners simply typing in your email address, tap no to the password available, then click the “submit” tab and follow the directives .
  • Search for product you want to sell. By selecting your item category.
  • When you find the product, tap on “Sell yours here” tab
  • Choose item condition
  • Add a condition note
  • Select item price
  • Select products quantity
  • Choose shipping method and then hit the “submit” button

How To Package and ship your sold product

  • Go to your seller account
  • Tap “view your recent Marketplace orders”in manage your order menu
  • Find the order
  • Check to see if the status is complete
  • Navigate to order details and verify the shipping method
  • Click on “view your recent orders” in the sellers account page
  • Tap “print packaging slip”
  • package and send the item.
  • Finally, confirm shipment
  •  wait for your payment.


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