How To Get your product to the top of Amazon

Get your product to the top of Amazon and get increases in your sales. However, when your product ranks on Amazon it makes it easy for potential customers to find your product and you know when that happens you have a chance of making more sales. Thus as a seller in this Marketplace is very necessary to know how “Amazon ranking algorithm works” So in this article you will learn how to get your product to the top of Amazon.

get your product to the top of amazon
get your product to the top of amazon

Amazon product ranking algorithm “A9”

Amazon ranking algorithm analysis data, checks the previous traffics patterns and then describing all item in that catalog. So before you start search searching for a product, the A9 ranking algorithm have already done the work, all you need is to go ahead and search and get the result.  Moreover the result are given through a “two-step process” which are, (1) they pull the relevant results from their own catalog (2) they rank the result based on how relevant it is to the User.

Key factors for Amazon ranking algorithm-get your product to top

The Relevancy Factor

is one of the factors that enables item top on the Amazon Marketplace.  It tells A9 when to consider a product page for a search result.  Just like the two step process I mentioned earlier.


In Amazon ,when you have a good title product you are likely to have high conversion rate.  Your product title should contain keywords and also be easy to read.

ii. Product description

A great product description will increase your conversion rates. So you are to include the product features and the keywords in the description

iii. Category

While creating your product listing, ensure you attach your item to the most relevant,narrow category  to avoid customers search from being limited to a particular category.

The Conversion Rate – get product to the top of Amazon

when you talk of the conversion rate, there are factors which influences it, which are pricing, customers reviews and images.

i.Sales Rank

The sales rank have to do with making a large number of sales and to make more sales means to rank on Amazon

ii. customers Reviews

The reviews from buyers helps in your product ranking, especially when you get a good number of reviews and also a positive reviews, it does the advert for you. Your feedback is also very important.

iii. Image Quality/size

You must ensure your listing are not suppressed by following Amazon approved image quality and size. However you are to make use of at least 1000×1000 pixels to enable the viewer to zoom and get the full detail.


Pricing is one of the major ranking factors, used to predict conversion rate . The price of a product determines if it shall be included in the buy box

Customer satisfaction- to get your product to the top of Amazon

factors for customers retention are seller feedback and the Order defect rate (ODR). when you get affirming reviews and positive seller feedback, it goes a long way to make your product rank.

i. Negative Seller feedback

Every negative feedback can affect your product search result , so Amazon keeps track on the negative seller feedback rates.

ii. Order shipping speed

Avoid inaccurate and slow shipping process. It’s important to be accurate and fast in shipping ordered product.

However, Amazon makes use of prediction and the conversion rates to rank product, how?  For instance if the price of your product is higher than other similar products, it predicts your listing to having a low conversion rate until it’s corrected by the real data.


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