How to Join Facebook Group | Facebook Group Join

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How to Join Facebook Group. It is a known fact that Facebook is the biggest social media platform globally. When considering this topic, one may ask does Facebook have a group? “How do I join the Facebook group?”. These are the questions I will be answering in this article. Because when the essence of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable.

How to Join Facebook Group

What is a Facebook Group?

Facebook group is one of the Facebook features. It is a platform for a group of individuals to communicate and to share their common interests. On Facebook Group participate can share their opinions, ideology, aims, objectives, etc. They also chat on issues organize activities, post photos, and videos and other related content about the group. Any Facebook Group can create and manage a Group and users can join up to 6,000 other groups on Facebook

Facebook Group Join

The Facebook group comprises different people, groups or communities that have the same aims and objectives. Facebook Group Join is a process of joining a group on Facebook. There various groups on Facebook but the good thing is you are not compelled anyone to join any group with force. You have to indicate interest by sending a request to gain approval to Join any group on Facebook. To join any group on Facebook is free. But you must have a valid Facebook account to join any groups. This will bring us to how to create a Facebook account in case you are new on the platform. But if already sign up just login to your account. Now let’s see how to create a Facebook account

How to create a Facebook account

To gain approval on any group on Facebook you need an active account. When you successfully sign in you can then join any group. These are steps to sign up for an account on Facebook;

  • With your mobile app on your device
  • Lauachwww.facebook.comOn the page, navigate to “Sign Up’ button
  • Next page, enter your first name and surname
  • Check and choose your birth date and year
  • Fill in your mobile phone number and email address
  • Choose your gender either male or female
  • Then, create a password
  • Click on the ‘Sign up’ button

However, the next stage of setting your personal profile, verify your account and get a confirmation text or mail.

How to login to your Facebook account

Logging into your account is what gives you full access to Join any group on the Facebook platform. Just follow these steps to log in

  • On
  • Log in your details on the platform such as your Email address or a phone number and Password
  • Next, click on ‘Log In’ button

Note that, immediately your log your details and they are accurate your page will automatically load.

How to Join Facebook Group

  • On your Facebook Newsfeed page (home page)
  • Navigate to group section On the page
  • Use the search page on the top and search for any group of your choice, you want to join.
  • From the result of groups that will be displayed, select the particular one you want to join.
  • Click on the ‘Join Group button
  • Choose if you are joining with your profile or from your page
  • Answer the questions and send the request
  • Your request will be accepted after the admin of such a group has reviewed it.

Joining a Facebook group can also be an Avenue to promote your business. If the group or community is business-oriented.


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