How to know what product to sell on Amazon

To know what product to sell on Amazon is very necessary, it helps individuals to excel in the marketplace. Thus as a beginner you don’t just start selling product online without making research on the type of product that sells on this platform. Moreover there are items that is likely to bring high traffic, which are stuffs that are highly demanded can make you sell often because lots of people needs them.

know product to sell on amazon
know product to sell on amazon

Nevertheless in this write up you will get to learn about the highly demanded products, kind of stuff to sell and more. This is to enable you go for a low-risk and high return item.

items on high demand on Amazon

Babies–procreation is what happens on a daily basis, this is the more reason baby items is always on a high demand. So selling baby’s stuff you can make your money faster and most importantly they are not always costly.

Books – Books is one of the categories with high returns in Amazon Marketplace , so selling books is a possible option because you can pick books in large quantity and then sell them profitably on Amazon.

Electronics and Accessories – electronics has a lower commission fee if you can be able to it in bulk . There’s no home this 21st century that doesn’t have electronic product, this will show you how often people can demand for it.

Workout Wears – workout wears is also one of the trending item, People would want to new exercise Clothes and there are others who are warming up to join the workout gang, therefore making it to be on a high demand.

To know what product to sell on Amazon

For you to know the type of product to sell on Amazon read through the guide below,

Manual Research – to know item to sell on amazon

To conduct a research on items on high demand, you need to look out for Amazon “best sellers” list and then check “customer also bought” category to get ideas for similar items. This enables you to decide on what product to sell. However after making your product listing, you can check for the product search volume on Google keyword planner.

Conduct product keyword research With Jungle Scout

Jungle scout is one of the Chrome extension you can use to carry out keyword research on Amazon. Thus it reveals the product monthly search volumes, shows you items with low competition and finally let’s you to save product in other to track them ahead.

Tips on what product to sell on Amazon

Before choosing to sell an item on this platform, below are factors to consider,

  • Make a thorough research on shipping costs for the item to know if it is profitable after deducting shipping fee.
  • Check for what Amazon charges for the product transaction.  This will help you in deciding on product to sell
  • You can also consider items that are not fragile, because it will pass through transportation process. Thus this is to avoid breakage.
  • Consider items you can sell on a low price and also make profit from them.


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