How to Make Money From TikTok | How to Earn Money From TikTok

How to make money from Tiktok seems to be the question that most people are asking. But is it really possible to make money from Tiktok? The answer is Yes, you can make money from the platform.

Although Tiktok is not actually built around monetization and providing income streams to creators, the app is very commercial-friendly. It is possible to earn money by using the platform creatively.

How to Make Money From TikTok

Also, rumors have it that the app will soon follow the YouTube pattern. That is allowing successful creators to earn revenue from their videos directly. In this article l will be guiding you on how to make money from Tiktok

TikTok App

TikTok is now a trending app for creating short videos. It has become a platform for making money online too. This is so because of its influencer marketing. On the platform, people can influence others to make money by using their accounts. The Tiktok app platform is rapidly growing every day with over 500 million active monthly users making it a leading contender in the video creating the world.

How to earn money from Tiktok App

Making money from Tiktok is like making money at any other place. It requires hard work, creativity and creates value for people that want to partner with the service you are delivering.

Be An Influencer

To be an influencer online is a legitimate approach to monetizing your online presence. The term influencer now has bad connotations. This is because every young and attractive man or woman wants to be an “Influencer”, they buy fake followers on Instagram, and then tries to deceive the makers of actual goods and services into handling them or showcasing them for reviews and exposure. However, true influencers are a set of people who have actual organic followings of actual human people who actually valve and respect the “Influencer” especially when such a person talks about any area of expertise.

Also, on a larger scale, personalities like Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, and Kim Kardashian are huge powerful influencers. All these people mentioned above add value to their opinions. If you aren’t adding value by virtue of your opinion you have no business in the influencing line.

Tiktok allows you to use a simple method of monetizing your video appearance in the app. All you have to do is to recommend products and services that you have use and you feel there are good. Those stores, artists, brands. You must have genuine large and engaging following fans, not fake ones.

Promoting and Selling Your Own Ventures

This is the most excellent way people make money via Tiktok, even without having large followers and becoming a national Influencer. The secret is that you just have another lone of business or store. Use Tiktok as fee way to promote and sell your products or services, or to promote your existing business. The cool thing here is that it can be any legal business or service, whether it’s nerdy, crafty, techy, or just crazy.

In essence, advertise any business of your choice even if it doesn’t appear very well in video. Just put a video that is funny, creative or musically great. You’ll attract attention and then you can have new deals come around.

Use Live Streaming

Use live streaming on Tiktok to make money. The actual exchange rate varies with time. But the basic System is simple. Tiktok users are to buy coins using actual money via in-app purchases. They can then use their coins and other derivatives in-app currencies to tip Tiktok creators. In essence, a small amount of real money can be given as a thank you for creating good live content. 80% of the value of the top will be passed by Tiktok to the person that is doing the live stream. Building their account and not signaling brands that this person is really growing in influence.

However, it is not a fortune, but an income stream. Although, you will have to receive the money in the form of digit gifts than cash.

Link your YouTube and Instagram account

Also, you can choose to link your YouTube and Instagram accounts with TikTok. This will help you increase audience reach for your Tiktok videos. To add your YouTube channel, you need to navigate to the profile, click on Edit profile. And then click on Add YouTube option. To add your Instagram account, you have to click on Add Instagram and under Click on Edit profile option.


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