How To Make Payments on Jumia – Different payment options at Jumia

Making payments on the Jumia website may seem difficult for some people. Shopping online and making payments online is now fun for many. There is no need to get to the banking hall and stand at the queue up at the line to make your Payments. Online stores are actually for sales and promote business. Jumia is one of the African biggest e-commerce platform knowing how to make Payments on Jumia is very relevant.

How To Make Payments on Jumia

Different payment options at

At shopping is convenient due to the different payment options.

  • Jumia Pay – pay is made via card or bank transfer and save your details for another purchases.
  • Pay on delivery –pay cash at delivery and collect your order. There is no risk attached, shop at the convenience of your home as if you’re in a store. Cards and cash are accepted at the point of collection.
  • Credit/debit Card – make Payments straight with your card. It is easy and safe. No cash is required. It is fast and easy directly from your bank account.

How To Select Payment Options at Checkout

After selecting and putting all the items you want to buy at in your online cart. Next is time to checkout.  On during the payment step, you can choose between “JumiaPay”, “Pay on Delivery” and “Visa/Verve/Mastercard from the menu on the left you either proceed with “Pay on delivery or pay with credit card”

What is Jumia Pay?

It is a new and free online payment service that enables you to send payments online securely, instantly and with cost-effectively.

What is Pay on Delivery (POD)?

Pay on delivery is paying in cash or with a valid Nigerian bank Card to the Jumia agent when you receive the receipt of your order. This service is not available at all states. Some products, regions of pick up stations may not be available. Find the list of station to see location where pay on delivery is available and where it is not

Credit Card or Debit Card declined

When you are making payments online with your debit or credit card, first you must activate your card for online payments. And check if you have sufficient funds or limit for your transaction online. Also, some cards that are issued outside Nigeria are not supported on Do not forget the various payment method used by Pay on Delivery, and pay at your doorstep or via other available modes of payment.

Why you may not Be Able to Pay on Jumia Pay on Delivery

There are rules guiding this process on Jumia. Here are the reasons:

  • When your total cart value cost is two hundred thousand Naira and above.
  • If your item is, shipped in from overseas then pay on delivery is not acceptable
  • When your total cart value cost is less than one thousand five hundred.
  • Your location is not among others that are eligible
  • Or based on your past transaction on payment on delivery.


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