How to Pay With PayPal on Amazon | can You use PayPal on Amazon?

How to Pay With PayPal on Amazon. Amazon is the number one best online shopping website worldwide. Every shopper at Amazon has different payment options. This includes credit cards, bank account, and rewards points. Although, most individuals only connect PayPal with shopping on eBay or making a peer-to-peer money transfer. PayPal can be used for online payment service at Amazon during the checkout process using credit cards and even other payment methods options mentioned earlier. In this article, we will see How to Pay With PayPal on Amazon and the different payment methods that can be used on Amazon which includes PayPal.

How to Pay With PayPal on Amazon

Use a PayPal Cash Card on Amazon

The PayPal MasterCard is accessible to PayPal users with no fee. With the PayPal Cash MasterCard, it is easy to use the money in your PayPal account to shop online and in-store everywhere MasterCard is accepted. Or you can use the card to withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide. There are no monthly fee charges, no minimum balance and no credit check on the MasterCard. The card can be reloaded by direct deposit or by bank transfer.

However, the simplest way to use PayPal to make purchases on Amazon is via the PayPal Cash MasterCard. It is a debit card that is linked directly to your balance. If you have sufficient funds in your PayPal account, the card will be used as a payment method at Amazon. At any point in the checkout process.

PayPal Business Debit Card

PayPal Business Debit Card can be used on Amazon for shopping. With the business card, you can simply use funds directly from PayPal balance. The basic differences are that the debit card is associated with a business account as against a personal one. While the PayPal Cash MasterCard offers members some benefits, the business card offers additional perks including an unlimited Cashback program that applies to all purchases.

Amazon Gift Cards with PayPal

Amazon Gift Cards can be used with PayPal this serves another payment method. If you are not comfortable with the debit cards, there is another method to buy products on Amazon. This is through using a middle man, which is the Amazon gift cards. The Amazon gift cards are to use to make purchases on eBay with a discount price less than the real cash value. As eBay owns PayPal, many shoppers at eBay like to buy these gift cards there and utilize it as their payment method when checking out on Amazon. Gift Cards vary in price, it ranges from $5 to $500. There are no limits on the number of gift cards you can use to make purchases on Amazon.

However, users at Amazon should note that Amazon does not integrate with PayPal and therefore do not accept direct payments from a PayPal account.


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