You want to replace a hard drive with a more capacity one, upgrade it to a sized hard drive that your computer connection supports. Will be focusing on how you can remove , replace hard drive and also how you can backup data before uninstalling your HD in this article .

Remove, Replace a Hard Drive

How To backup Data In hard drive 

If you have files you want to keep, before you remove your old HD, you need to backup those files by copying all the data you want into a flash drive or cloud backup service. When you are done with uninstalling the old one a installing the new hard drive you just copy all the files back to your HD. 

What you Need to Remove a Hard Drive 

Focusing on hard drive for (HP pavilion dv6-7000, dv6-7100, HP Envy dv6-7200, dv6-7300 notebook PC) 

  • A head screwdriver 
  • Disconnect modem cable and the power code 
  • Switch off your computer 
  • Get an anti-Static wrist strap and a conductive foam pad 
  • You need to work on non carpeted floor 

How To Remove a Hard Drive 

  • The first thing to do is to remove the battery, to remove the battery Move the battery release latch to the release side and lift up the battery to separate it from your laptop 
  • Remove the service door 
  • Take away the two head screws that attaches the hard drive to the computer 
  • Move the hard drive backward
  • Disconnect the cable, using the black tab located on the hard drive 
  • Lift the head of the drive with the “Mylar” tab, then remove the drive entirely from the computer 
  • Detach the four head screws use in joining the hard drive to its carrier 
  • Open to separate the hard drive from its carrier 
  • Remove the hard drive cable from the drive and keep save 

How To Replace a Hard Drive In Computer 

Be reminded that the following steps is for HP pavilion and HP Envy mentioned above 

Take the following steps to replace your computer hard drive 

  • Put back the “hard drive connector”
  • Place the hard drive back to its carrier 
  • Secure HD to its carrier using the four screws 
  • Keep the HD in the hard drive Bay 
  • Move the hard drive back and reconnect the HD cable 
  • Move the hard drive forward for the screw holes to align 
  • Insert the two screws to hold the HD to the computer 
  • Put back the service door and the battery 
  • When your computer is turned on its format the hard drive.  Copy the files you backup to your new drive 

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